Ethiopia Guji gr1 Sundried natural


Well… this is my magic coffee. Its the one that I had hit a profile intuitively and timed the best on the 1st attempt, not being able to make any variation that would be better. Also probably the best coffee I had drinked this year, on my list and also friend pro-roasters and pro-baristas list too. After that one he started taking also Ikawa home very seriously :smile:
It was the best of naturals I have had, so far …
Deep, layered fruitines, quite bright for a natural, and that specific “naturalness” just of the right intensity to leave enough space for fruits and mild acidity. Thats what I still have in my head. Its been quite a while so I will not try to pull what fruit tastes exactly, but that ballance between sweet fruits and acidity, that keep us talking about it even after a lot of other ethiopian coffee that we had in the meantime :))
I hope I will get natural like this again once …


With pics of the coffee too, you sir are inspirational. I still am finishing next and deciding what two coffees (5lb each) I should get next. An Ethiopian natural looks like one for me.

Which profile tastes the best? Was there a significant difference between the first two? Any coorelatios you can make between the spike and non-spiked?


I have fixed two pictures of roasts with profile 4 that did not upload correctly yesterday.
The clear winner was profile 2 ended at 7minutes.

My thinking about the set of chosen profiles had been something like … testprofile2 That one I simply felt to be the one that the coffee asked for. Testprofile3 This one sort of looked interesting, but I do not like it, with no real reason. It just feels wrong to me. But, tried it, and the coffee tasted good too, just not as good as the tp2. Testprofile4 was there to have one with a simple, non spiky, rising curve …- if I remember well this one had more body, less acidity and probably a bit less of that fruity mids.

We had tested and also drinked all of the samples, they were all very good, With only sligh differences in ballance of the components, and with the longer ones also sometimes with a bit of roast taste in the background. Yet the winner was clearly agreed upon without discussion about it. It was obvious which one


Thats cool, I have also seen that profiles with steady curves, or a straight line, may look good but better tasting results with curves that are slightly more dynamic.


magic coffee indeed! I just bought 20 lbs of gr 1 Ethiopian natural, and that shakiso type profile has been one of the best for me too. Tried some variations too. 4.3 had some pretty great flavor and aroma, but I think it needed more than 4 days of rest. I’ll have to try again. I just roasted 4.8 and it has a great medium color and aroma (whereas 4.3 was quite light). I’ll try it in a bit, but I feel like 4.8 may be a good starting point for medium roasting.



4.8 was too dark for my Ethiopian natural. Oils appeared after a few days, and although it kept a fair amount of origin character, it was kind of bitter. It was alright though, a nice bittersweetness on the finish, but the central flavor experience was a bit muddled. May be a decent profile for some other beans though, we’ll see.