Ethiopia Kochere Debo



High grown, heirloom variety classic Yirg-y. The coffee is grown in unique conditions – fertile volcanic soil, with consistent and plentiful rainfall at an altitude of up to 2,200m (twice the height of England’s highest mountain!), leading to very dense coffee beans that are carefully nurtured after harvest.

A truly versatile and delicious coffee. How did you like this one? Did you try a different roast? How does it compare to other Yirgacheffe coffees that you’ve had?


Drinking this one at the moment using the stock profile (first roast).
It is a great example of a tea like Yirg which I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with…

I don’t like the citric lemon tea types which seem more common. This one has a lovely peachy and blueberry type fruitiness, no tartness and a soft tea like body. Impressed!


Hmm … seems I am quite the opposite side … love those more agressive citrusy ones. Nothing against that tea like tastes, i quite enjoy them on different origins, but africans I like to be bright and strong on the high notes. But thats just my preference. I really enjoyed both Ethiopias, they are all on the top positions :slight_smile: