Ethiopia Yirgachefe Aricha Natural


So, I ddid get a small sample of this Ethiopia, so I tried 3 batches on my favourite profile, but it did not work out too well. Still have to taste the longest roast but dont expect it to any better. The roasts looked quite uneven, and the crack went for longer than usuall.

Did anyone try this one? Do you have a succesfull profile?


I don’t have a profile to give you. I am assuming that the coffee is a dry processed. Is that right? Or is it pulped? The reason I think it’s a DP because in my experience the cracks were really spread out, the beans uneven are prob because of the processing somewhere down the line required more time in the dry. Also have you noticed that you moisture loss was all the same? At 18% my thinking is that you are loosing the flavor you are looking for. So if that is true…uneven color + moisture loss = to fast dry and too long in the development. I listed a DP Ethiopian profile…maybe try that and tweak from there(?). Also I noticed that in a DP sometimes a half Quaker can actually taste really good. Hope that’s helps.


Hi Deven. Where did you find that 18% please?. My counting makes me think its around 14 which is my normal value. I will have to look if it was dry processed, but my other two or so natural ethiopians worked very well with this profile, but this one … I would say its my worst roast so far, even in the lightest version there was still bitterness and roast taste present … if I get another chance to make few more, I would try either Rwanda F6 or some slow profile like your A variations … but not completely sure what makes it be so bad on a profile that worked well for two other simillar coffees.


Oh I did my math wrong, when I rechecked it I too got just under 14%. I would not suggest doing “A profile”, this I the profile I was suggesting before

I call it “Marshal Etheo”. But I don’t know if that would work.
Maybe since it is an older crop you should come at it with less heat and be gentler to the bean. That is the extent of my knowledge. GL


also I forgot to mention that sometimes it just needs some rest, a lot of rest like 3-5 days, maybe more. I still have that pound of Ethiopian DP still chugging along with the blueberries. I am keeping it vacuumed sealed btw and it’s been almost 2 months still good.


I tried the very last of my Ikawa Shakiso on @deven.patel411 Marshal profile with points 1,2 and 3 raised up by 5C. This is giving very nice results. Still a light roast, only 11.35% moisture loss and a tough grind. No preheat.
Well worth trying with those beans you have. But it might be they are past their best. I have heard that African naturals don’t always keep well compared to other greens


Well it might be, but I am sure its not the case. I have tasted it roasted on a drum roaster and its very nice and interesting coffee. It just did not work at all on this profile … But I hope I will be able to find a better one, it sort of itching me if I dont get nice results :))


I had a similar experience with Ethiopian naturals. Several came out well using a profile resembling Andino, but one in particular needed a lot more heat. Adding extra energy right before 1st crack can help create a more unified crack. And unevenness may be a good sign - naturals will be at light roast levels. Also dry process/natural is the same thing in case anyone’s wondering.


There’s dry natural process and pulped natural process aka honey processed.


Yes … but I refer to honey as Honey, so if I dont get confused somewhere when I say natural i mean dry natural.
Anyway, last year and this year is THE Year of Naturals :slight_smile: they are everywhere … I am about to test natural Guatemala soon, we even had natural Gesha … its quite interesting


A natural Guat sounds intimidating to me. I’ve roasted half way through 5lbs of just a “normal” wet processed one searching for 5lbs and got close to the apricots with “Panama b b 2” from @cooley I believe(?) if it’s from someone else my apologies. Anyways, have you tried the Marshal profile or anything else yet? A thought I thought of a thoughtful moment ago, was that if you want to introduce more heat to the center of the bean (aka more development) than raising the earlier points by a couple degrees would do this better than the latter points which might just increase the side of development that is more prone to harsher tastes.


I do not have more of that coffee, but maybe I will have another chance with it, will let you know when I do. I would love to find a nice profile for it.

Regarding intimidating beans, natural guatemala would sound a bit intimidating too, but I am not roasting that one;) but … some thai coffee is heading my way, and also colombian decaf, both hard to relate to something for me … :slight_smile: yeah… intimidating :))


I have a high end Thai natural I have no idea how to roast…


Where are you thinking you are going to start with it?

I got a yellow bourbon from Brazil, a Tazmanian peaberry, and a high grown Columbian mix. No Thai but no clue either.


Not sure Deven, with the colombian decaf I will start with andino style but for thai, no clue. Hopefully i will get some more info abou it.


Something like this maybe…


Starting a profile for an unknown bean, I keep the fan at 80% constant, but sometimes I also go with gut feelings.


Goooood, so I did get another sample to try, will meditate about it a bit and then hit it with some profile … ;))


I think you should try the marshal Etheo, I just did some guat with a variation on that type of profile and the beans taste juicy at 13% moisture loss.