Exhaust probe, inlet probe, and fan speed



Hello all,

Recently received my Pro V3 roaster. Completely new to this unit. Hence, have some initial questions after reading and watching some intro videos online.

  1. Why are some roasting showing a “tick” mark for their exhaust probe (red line)? As if the the temperature started higher, then it dips, then it slowly picks up again? Is this simply a manipulation from the users themselves?

  2. Before releasing the green beans, one has to heat up the roaster. Does the roaster heat up to a default temperature before each roast? Or will waiting longer before releasing beans make it hotter in the chamber?

  3. Can anyone suggest a good start to roast arabica beans? Temperature, fan speed etc.

  4. I came across some profiles from other users and it seems that all have only the red and white line, exhaust and fan speed, respectively. What about the inlet probe? How will this be shown on the profile, if any?

  5. Tried to search for the profile library on Ikawa’s site but fail to find anything - can anyone please guide me through which part of the forum or site to go for this info?

Thank you in advance for your responses!



Congrats, @cp.peterhuang, on your purchase; I too see very few Ikawa Pro owners here hence the lack of info; perhaps Ikawa Support can assist you better; contact Brad on: support@ikawacoffee.co.uk
try here for PRO Profiles: https://royalcoffee.com/product-category/crown-jewels/


Thanks @Reedswood. I do agree that there are limited info on the forum regarding the Pro machine… I will reach out to the support team at Ikawa. Thank you!