Fan issue after firmware update


I didn’t have any foam issues either mate. I had to submit my roaster because of a different issue within the roasting chamber. In all fairness Ikawa customer services were excellent!

Upon return of my roaster I discovered that the foam seemed to have been replaced. It was super clean (no chaff dust) and it it was slightly sticky on the glass for the first few roasts, like it was when new.

Anyway, I think there was definitely some tinkering aside from the hardware (foam). I think there has been some internal firmware tweaks, which seems to have caused a fluctuation of existing profile results, as well as app crashing (for me).

I am not certain on this…

…however what if there is a roaster age/roast session related number by which the heat probe will start to fall out of calibration by a few degrees? A firmware update could adjust this by means of an average/ predicted amount. Say (in both our cases after 18 months of roasting) the temperature probe starts to lose sensitivity & falsely record temperature lower than what it should be (eg. 250c instead of the actual 255c). An adjustment via a firmware update would mean our existing profiles are now effectively running cooler, producing lighter roasts, with less % moisture loss.

Perhaps Ikawa might want to consider letting some of us end-users into the loop, to assist in the ongoing R&D of the roaster?! That said perhaps Ikawa intentionally don’t disclose specific details, in an attempt to not influence our report findings; If we all knew what changes the firmware will introduce (e.g. the example above), Ikawa can’t accurately gauge the success of the changes when tested by us.

Whatever the reason, I used to really enjoy the nerdy updates supplied to us during the kickstarter campaign. I say bring them back! Yeh, sure, not everyone is going to want to know (or care) about the specifics of what Ikawa change in the app/roaster, but I for one do!


my roaster was auto updated yesterday to Firmware v24; I was a bit apprehensive due to the statement above, but all installed fine, and the dumping of beans works fine, too!

What Roaster Type do you have? Mine says: v4


I have a v4 roaster too & I was part of the initial birth of Ikawa Home via the kickstarter campaign.

Also installed the software and firmware updates, running Android. It’s all running very smooth & I am very, very pleased!

My personal belief on the issues, are that folks were updating the app and somehow the firmware might have looked like it was installing but wasn’t properly. As with all things technological “switch them off and on again” :rofl:

Perhaps mismatching app/firmware were causing issues, as that was when all my problems started. I am still sticking with the theory Ikawa kindly updated my firmware when it was at HQ but my (Android) app was still old so there was some nasty conflict.

Now everything is seamless. No fan issues, no bean dump issues & all my profiles are running consistently (there was no erratic jump in % in moisture loss).

I am back to happily roasting again whenever I choose, with no fuss!


just did a Firmware update on my 2nd Ikawa roaster using my handheld Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and it failed and crashed the update, so I tried using my Samsung Tab 4, and after my 2nd attempt, it installed fine, but guess what, I have the dumping issue!


Ah that’s a shame! It’s crazy how temperamental the process have been. To echo previous advice, if you continue to have issues with no resolve, contact Ikawa. Brad is usually pretty good.

I would only be teaching you to suck eggs by suggesting a power down of all devices and fresh installs of both app and firmware etc.

Probably best you let ikawa know, so they can address it for any future updates.

Do keep us posted, let us know how you get on and how you manage to eventually resolve the issue. All the best.

Edit: Brad will probably suggest you trying to re-install the firmware again, on to the problematic roaster. I believe this is done from within the settings > options > Update roaster firmware.

I believe this forces the firmware to force reinstall, even if it’s just a matter of refreshing the same firmware version already on the roaster. I think this may have helped others with the dumping issue.


Is there somewhere where it is possible to get an historical overview of Android/IOS App versions and firmware updates - and what functionality they introduce or issue they fix ?

I got my roaster at the Black Friday sale 2018 (v4 FW v23). I am using IOS App version 1.4, 48 and things are seemingly running OK* - but I have become a somewhat paranoid about the lack of transparency with regard to issues and updates.
Currently I have turned off firmware upgrade in the App and I feel reluctant to upgrade the new App version (Jan 29 IOS v1.4.1).
I would really appreciate improved communication regarding version history etc.

  • with the exception of some occasions where the IOS app doesn’t draw the live temperature progression graph although the roast seems to progress as defined in the profile.


well, if you don’t succeed, then try try and try again; this I did with Firmware v24, and I’m happy to say, atm anyway, it completed the dump successfully on the 2nd roaster. I had to use the Samsung Tab 4 that I use on my 1st roaster to install it, as the Samsung Note 4 kept crashing. @Christo, what Android device do you use?


@Reedswood I have a Sony Xperia Z5. So by no means the most recent and up-to-date device.

@nhsnielsen I completely agree with more transparency (see above for my little rant on that one)

I also think version history (both app/firmware) would be beneficial in some cases - typically in my, somewhat rare, case where I believe my roaster firmware leap frogged the app, causing crashes. If I could have just been able to roll back my roaster firmware to a more stable version, until the Android app update was ready, that could have saved me a lot of frustration.

That said I do believe Ikawa are trying to make the Home device as idiot proof & user friendly as possible, so are trying not to over complicate things. That is of course rather ironic considering the issues people seem to be having. Rest assured though, Ikawa will make it right, even if it takes a little time to iron out the glitches.


My roaster is from December 2017. Before the firmware update it was Roaster V3 firmware 21 revision 1-geb2f9cf
After the update to firmware and app it not shows as V4 firmware v24 revision 0.

I never had any problems with it until now which have been resolved by uninstall/reinstall the app and the loss of some profiles.
It now appears to be working fine as before.

So what happened between firmware 21 and 24? Surely not just a fix to the fan issue some were having? My fan seems to have a little more build up on ejection, a slight whining noise.

At least it looks like the future upgrade process should be easier with the new App. Hopefully a few lessons have been learned.


Well if we are guessing, I would say that Ikawa is trying to create more uniformity amongst roasters in different parts of the world. With my low altitudes and high humidity with moderate to warm temps. I dare say most of us do not share the same weather patterns. And so my profile will/might need altering. Probably the largest variable (like all cooking) is altitude.

I agree transparency is key but if you lift my skirt don’t expect my panties to be clean :wink: (so to say). So within reason I am ok with not knowing as long as things are taken care of. I do agree it would be nice to be able to revert to a previous update if the new one has troubles. Which I also suggested in an email. Maybe if more people voiced suggestions we can discuss, we would see something (are at least be aware of where everyone stands). So far (at least to me) it is just us handful of people representing well over 100+ people/roasters. And it seems Ikawa is keen on listening and working on solutions.

I am also v4 and 24


same here and
App version: 1,4,1,51

Device ID
Part 1

Part 2

Does the Roaster ID, refer to the number sold up to my unit?


Does the Roaster ID, refer to the number sold up to my unit?

Wouldn’t think so. My roaster I’d is a 6 digit number starting with a 2. Don’t think they have sold that amount!


yes, it does appear to be a secret, and only Ikawa know this detail from the response I got!