"Fan" What a lengthy enough title


It would be great if the creator of this machine could chime in. @Ikawa1 My question with the fan (fan speed) is what does it actually do? If the machine is reading the input temperature, is the machine balancing the energy from the heating coils + the fan speed and that convection heating the temp probe. So in order to get a high temp it doesn’t matter if more energy is coming from the coil and less from the fans speed or visa versa. So ultimately is the fan just used to spin the beans? Higher or lower/more or less spacing, contact with metal (high fan speed), contact with beans and the base of the roasting chamber(low fan speed). Drying the beans properly, at least in the beginning, using a high fan to sweep away all the moisture coming off the beans as to not make a “damp” bean mass.


Really good question, the unswer to this one I would really love to hear too … but I guess it does nit have a simple one.
My usage of it is still only for movement - so still as little as possible for enough movement.


You should try 83-85% until just before the heat gets to 400*F then decrease to 78-73% will a 2min cooling at 83%. This works welll for 50-55g batches that are under 14% moisture loss


I’m not the creator, and don’t know exactly what it contributes, but there are a few things to consider:

  1. fan speed affects drying
  2. fan speed affects heat transfer
  3. fan speed affects smoke abatement