Finding a recipe for Esmeralda Geisha Washed 1500m


I tried different recipe but no one can be express the specialized floral flavor. Would anyone advise a good recipe for such bean? Thank you.


I have never roasted a geisha, can you post
What profile you have used so far? Did it taste good?


I tried ikawa’s recipe of “Zeleke Baraso”, Kenya kimoini" found that zeleke’s recipe were over-roasting, Kenya’s recipe may be more suitable with their similar size, density and weight, but I am still waiting their unique “floral favor”.

I searched about roasting geisha in internet that most of people said “hot air” be more difficult to roast the “floral favor”.

I may try more recipes like “Burundi muninya” that roasting time within 6"00 (and temperature under 250C) and need to wait more days for ageing.


I have a theory: I can throw any profile in initially and by altering the profile based on roasting notes and tasting notes, the end profile will be the same. So if you get something with flavor, it’s best to alter that profile than try something completely different. That said, I don’t think the alterations would be too different in the general shape of the profile. Here is one that may work for you and my alterations to it as an example of what I mean. The original of the two as the Ikawa Ethiopian Shakiso Profile.

‘Hassan U3’ freshly roasted by @jboutte88, here’s the recipe

My alteration:

‘Hassan U3 c360’ freshly roasted by @deven.patel411, here’s the recipe


I tried one of your roast profiles for Esmerelda Geisha. I ordered some beans through Sweet Maria’s in Oakland California. Your profile came out amazing after resting for two weeks. I just wanted to say thank you for posting your recipe. I’m 100% an amateur at this and it’s definitely helpful having some more seasoned folks posting what’s worked well for them.