Fruit for Thought: A Library of Resources



An informative youtube channel looking into professional side of coffee business and production.


Tasting Coffee:

An interesting thing to think about: What coffees are, and what they might be like, when tasting…
Tom from Sweet Maria’s how to choose a coffee and in a way tasting coffee

George Horwell, talking about the variations and all things when it comes to drinking/tasting/being coffee. This 4 part series is certainly worth the time. enjoy!



“Lighten Up: Creating the Perfect Light Roast” by Willem Boot

Not exactly anything eye opening, but an interestingly short, informing, read.




Title: Fixing Underdeveloped Roasts: Millard vs Post FC Development


Although we are on a different machine, calibrating what is being discussed to the Ikawa is still very usefull and certainly good fruit for thought.



An Introductory to Roasting short video series with Joe Morracco by Cafe Imports.

I think he does a really good job, Joe is my spirit animal I try to channel.


Just watched the first 3 out of 8 episodes. Very good clear explanations of the basics.

Thanks for posting.

Introduced by roaster “Joe” Marrocco.


@stephen.pickering21 good catch lol, I didn’t realize what you mean’t until I was watching another video. I’m sure if you put a Dave and Joe as one you would get a Joe Moracco (they’d get that joke).

Anywho… A book I seeming forgot to have on the beginning of the list and only remembered when I was reading the second link I’ll be listing:

  1. The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing - Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed
    Book by James Hoffmann

Just based on his hair alone, you should read his book. Very clean cut and not too hard, this book provides a lot of background info that can be applied to home roasters when they are looking to buy green coffee…seasons, processing and so much more.


I’ve got the Hoffman book. It’s a good reference and has some excellent info on origins(though it does miss a few smaller ones), harvests, varietal etc… The sections on brewing and roasting are very general.


He did an update but I think that’s more of the regions and not on roasting.
If you already read Hoffman’s then you might want to check this out


If you are keeping up with the Royal Coffee blog then you’ve already seen this. Chris Kornman talks about the difference between “Variety” and “varietal”.


There is supposed to be a video presentation along with the paper but it hasn’t been released yet. I’ll add it when it’s released.

The paper talks about different levels of roast and it’s link to gas production. Enjoy!