Hacienda Esmeralda Gesha


Some of you may know, that I had 300g of this gem in unroasted, waiting for me to find some confidence and roast it.
Well … I have got this idea. If you want I can take you on this journey with me, letting you look over my shoulder as much as I will be able to allow. :slight_smile:
I have never roasted Gesha, though drinked many, so it will be a completely new for me.

Also a part of the fun could be that we could share and use the collective knowledge, to raise the chance of success.

My plan is to do a first batch tomorrow, now contemplating the first type of profile to choose. I envision a gradual, rather longer profile with just a slight hump in the beginning (not too spiky) and flattened or declining at the end.

If you have thoughs or suggestions (or even experience in gesha roasting) please share it with me.

Wellcome aboard to my Gesha trip:smiley:

What have I done wrong?

I wish you luck with your precious cargo!
I’ve never tasted never mind roasted geisha so can offer no experience. I will follow with interest.


Be more patient dude, freeze it until you are god level status. I don’t know how much you paid but…I just wouldn’t…that’s my 2 cents


Deven, i can tell you I will not put it into the roaster unless I feel good about it. But … we need to be brave, not shy … its an expensive coffee for sure, but I am not roasting cheap material anyway, went through 350g of Rwanda from nordic approach, without having one roast that I would say gave me what I want, its a very strange and hard one for me.

That being said, i will not be roasting tomorrow, came back home too late today and there is still a lot of research to do …


Now … what do I expect, and what I want to achieve? Mostly florals, yasmine, sweetness that would not overpower them.
Umm … and a cup of coffee like no other this year ;)) (had no gesha so far this year, though I have one ordered that should be on the way, roasted)


Regarding profiles, for my initial samples I am thinking now either to,start with Devens profile that I used at that pesky Rwanda and liked the results best of all I had so far …

Or testprofile made from andino, but with reduced spike

@Geoff_IKAWA might I ask you for a bit of explanation of the spikes function in this andino profile? Would help me guess how much to reduce it…

So far I do not have that gut feeling that would make me feel whatshape of the curve the bean wante, but I am slightly leaning towards your profile @deven.patel411 … looks to be gentle on the bean to my eye.

Last note, have heard many people state that gesha has some specifics to it when roasting, yet both the local roasters experience with it, and some detailed video of roasting session on youtube, suggest no some magic special treatment is needed. So unless anybody knows its true and crucial for success, i will presume it can be approached as any other high quality arabica.


I thought the problem was just the very small window considering is supposed to have fruit
, floral and body. For mine you may want to stop it @9:30


Also you might want to try the othe a profile I listed:


That’s the one I meant to say stop @9:30


Thank you, I have this one loaded too, did not notice the differences in fan speed. May you give me a hint what is the aim of those different fan profiles? i have most usually justa declining slope to compensate beans getting lighter and easier to move around. Your profiles have really a lot of fan speed, much more than I am used to :slight_smile:


Regarding the body, its usually (at least with those that I have tasted) not a Body, more like a small plush pillow of deeper notes, but mostly from my experience the taste is sort of concentrated in the mid range … not sure how much difficult it is to have at keast this bit of body there …
i can say that from those Geshas I have tasted so far, those I did not like as much had more sweet taste and little floral, no yasmine … I would guess keeping those floral tones nicely present might be the buggest chalenge here.


So what I’ve come to is that the initial fan speed doesn’t really affect the beans that much but is considered more to: at what fan speed do you want at that point. (Time/temp) For example the A 514 profile starts at 93% and goes down to 73% i just wanted the meat of the fan speed to be in the 80’s but at the same time allowing the beans to come together just before first crack. I guess(ing) the beans as the fan speed slows with more contact they are absorbing heat as they come together, helps the total mass warm up and build up heat/thermal potential as it is about to go into 1st crack. My hope is that I am speeding up momentum before 1st crack. I am not sure if these beans or yours will benefit from that speed up.

The second profile A (v.5), I wanted to maintain 86% or a fan speed fast enough to agitate the beans enough, to create a more even "dry"of the beans. I not really sure if that ended up working or not because the beans were still uneven at the end of the roast but again that slow down to where I assumed/recorded previously where 1st will be. In this profile I was able to smell a transition during the Millard in previous roasts getting that strawberry jam, but now trying again I have not been able to. I don’t know what the issue has been, maybe the beans maybe the environmental temp, maybe even too little warmup. I am not sure. For the past week I’ve been drinking tea instead, taking a break and seeing whats online.

Effect of Fan Speed

Why not just develop your starting profile by trying cheaper geshas first?


Well … simply because I have no cheaper ones, and because its not easy to come by any. And, it would not be like … tadaaa … I do have an ultimate Gesha profile anyway, they are not the same either. Its like thinking well, I do have a profile for Catura or Bourbon :).
I will be very cautious … but I dont want to be affraid of it. Sure I may fail, and it would be some expensive lesson, but I think I have quite a decent chance too. I have been puting this one for later for quite some time … and it may happen that I will change my mind if the first two samples would not be close to a taste profile I would like to get.
True its a real treasure …but its ment to be roasted, brewed, drinked and enjoyed. So … thats what I plan to do :smiley:


please name the profile for your gesha: Ultimate Gesha Profile

@pavel,(et al) check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1uMv2l_p5k&t=3s
These guys have a ton a videos that are a fountain of knowledge, and lots information can be gleamed and can be very helpful. This video isn’t the best quality but if you look at the newer episodes, especially the “round table” episode, I found them to be worthwhile.


:smiley: not foolish enough to do that Deven. Though UGHARP as an abbreviation of Ultimate Gesha Hot Air Roast Profile sounds … errr … like a very secret military instalation? :smiley:

Thank you for sharing the youtube link, I did not know about this youtube channel and looks pretty packed with information.


This was the one I was refering to … just for someone interested to watch even more vids about Gesha roasting :slight_smile:


Hey @pavel sorry for coming late to the geisha party.

A couple things I find helpful when considering a new roast profile:

  1. Variety and Altitude
  2. Processing - washed tends to need a little more help in development. Naturals seem to need a less aggressive roast
  3. How you’d like to brew it


Well, you are not coming late Geoff, we have barely started :slight_smile:
I am still assessing my “gut feeling” about the profiles, which remains only slighlty leaned towards Devens “A” … but nothing of that strong feeling I would like to have about it. I will see at what time do I come back home today, and if I have some time for roasting how do I feel at that moment, if I start one or two samples of this Gesha or give that Honduran one a try instead. There is also a lot to read and watch that Deven posted so … I will see where that might take me with my feeling about diving into this Gesha roast right away …

Anyway - even this is quite a part of the process for me, trying to hit the moment when it “feels right” for me to start doing sample roasts of some origin.

So be wellcome, and have your cupping spoon ready :smiley:


the reading material is just info in general, I’m only at pg 36 (on the pdf) and I don’t see anything to really note about geisha specifically, The video really just says that more basic stuff about the bean is more important like altitude, where it was grown, varietal is more important and roasting is similar to other coffees that are similar (not particularly because its a geisha). Same thing @Geoff_IKAWA recommended.


@deven.patel411 sure … but I just like … opened the pdf somewhere, and read a line that said something about too much airflow taking away flavours producing more bland coffee … well … that certainly has something to do with keeping as much of those florals as I can :smiley: and that was just accidental sighting :slight_smile:

Please Deven may I ask what the rise of temperature at your profile (4-5 min) should be linked with? is that when yellow to golden transition? Just in case it needs to be shifted for gesha so I have some idea what it coincides with …