Hacienda Esmeralda Gesha


Oh man reading this now…I’m really sorry for ruining some of your precious geisha. I don’t know actually how I got to this thread but since I’m here and if anybody is seeing this…titled: Sum Man 5.17142 (v. 2) I was looking for my old Sumatran profiles getting ready for a lb I was getting (but didn’t cuz it got sold out) so long story short…I used this on an Ethiopia, Guji and got great floral and fruit success stopping at 7:05 roughly 15s after the sound of first crack



Interesting what you say Deven. Just a day ago I had espresso from a Ethiopia Guji that was very much Gesha like … vr]ery floral and gentle. It was surprising to me as I usually expect quite a strong/heavy taste from it … but really nice.
Maybe you had a very simillar Guji at hand?


Oh … and by the way … how wxactly did you ruin any of my Gesha? :wink: I havent seen you anywhere near it or my roaster, so, I think if any spoiling happened it would for sure be my fault :smiley:


Oh yea?! My Guji is very floral, although now all three different profiles I used in this round smell like fresh tomatoes to tomato soup so I’m gona hold off on them, they are currently at 3days rest. The Sum Man profile listed above was great after resting overnight. Lacked body but I guess that’s what “tea like” means in the coffee world. But in the tea world there are teas with lots of body too (and way more flavor profiles than coffee btw). Anyways…just reading that I listed to use A profile was daunting because I just used it on a Robusta :cold_sweat:


I think tea like does not mean only lack of body. True there is not much body to talk about when gesha espresso is made but its not thin in the same way that some coffees are … its ballance is completely different, which makes it sort of tea like. For me its allways florals and fruirs first, then if I can get some body then lets go for it but only if I dont loose those fruits and florals. I would say having both intense fruits/florals and huge body is sign of either great material, great roaster or both ;))