Having trouble with Papua New Guinea


For your listening pleasure: https://soundcloud.com/thieverycorporation/lebanese-blonde
With this last batch and with a previous 5lbs I haven’t found a solid profile. Do do feel like I have less understanding with washed processed beans and double so with low density beans. I feel like denser beans follow the profile more closely where low density lags behind from where I want/expect transitions to happen.

For this bean it is low density and low grown. With the sample profile I was able to get the “bubblegum” note faintly but the other nuances were lost to me. It was also interesting to note that this bean (and some others) got darker with more heat required and also tasted better going darker and able to get a fruity passion fruit note. But I cant find that “origin” note like the blueberry from the Ethiopian DP. I guess the processing over there is perhaps more consistent than other places.

Does anybody have any profiles, suggestions? Below are listed the last three profiles I tried on this bean the Marshal Etheo PNG I roasted and brewed today, it has a good mouthfeel and fades between a fudge bar and dark cacao powder. Moisture loss was 20%, roast level was just under 2C on the roasty-er side of FC
V60 using the James Hoffman Ultimate V60 Method with 13g and 125g out in 2:30





You can try my beta profile inspired by Bureaux Collective profiles collection.

Going short: the trick is to simulate the Pro dropping beans preheating protocol and for that I added the first minute for preheat. At the end of the first minute I dropped the beans and starting the real recording from there.
I am logging the temps data with Artisan and the profile looks like this:

Bx Central America Washed espresso

On this profile I roasted Honduras La Conception from Ikawa (semi-washed). I got the notes noted on the bag, but a bit more on the espresso side and I like light espresso shots.

If want to give it a try I will be very curious how you like it.



Hey thanks, I’m jealous of your artisan setup, I’ll have to get mine setup eventually. I’ll try the profile if I get a central or similar bean in. The closest I come to espresso is aeropress but I’ll be more than happy to try it and let you know.


Hi there, not sure what your PNG bean is, but I’ve been experimenting with some Okapa AX. It’s a washed Bourbon/Typica from the Goroka region in the Eastern highlands from an altitude of 2000 metres. At this stage I’ve only taken it past first crack, but this profile makes a decent medium roast which is decent enough on its own but would probably be worth trying in a blend.
It’s a pretty dense bean, hence the rapid RoR, but maybe it will give you a starting point…


Thanks I’m out of the bean but I’ll give it a whirl next time. The bean was almost exactly like yours, bourbon/typica washed, Eastern Highlands. https://www.sweetmarias.com/papua-newguinea-kainantu-sero-6076.html

I was attempting for bubblegum notes but kept landing in the Botan Rice candy/syrup area. My roasts were drinkable but not exciting. Hopefully your profile and some better luck will prevail next time.