Hawai Kona Prime estate ariana


I would say, this is my biggest disapointment so far. I had persuaded roaster friend to order small amount of this really expensive coffee, you know, just so that we find out what is it about.

It is not a bad coffee at all, its just that you can get much more interesting coffee way cheaper.
It has this salty, woody, spicy … /hard to explain/… bass to mids taste. Its sort of interesting. Quite different. I can say I enjoyed trying it, but can not imagine drinking another 2kg of it :wink: … so… thats my experience with it so far.
I will run some new profiles on it to see if it brightens up a little, but do not have high hopes, its mostly that interesting and strange mid range salty/spicy/tingliness that, though interesting to me, seems to get boring soon.!



You might be taking it too far in the Millard, that’s how I got the soy sauce bomb.


I know Hawaii tends to be soft beans like Brazil. Tried the Brazil profile?


Well … not sure, have to look at my TPs to see, but its probable I did. I think its not that I messed up the roast, but that there is not that much of interest apart of the salty and deep notes, or at least it did not show up in any test batch I did so far. Its not a bad coffee, just when I think of its price I would expect some more of a character. But it could be that its ment to be roasted medium dark and be enjoyed in that way, and not much to be happening in the high notes. Maybe. I still have a kilo of it so, will give it a go some time soon :).


I’ve been finding that salt has been coming from a very long time in Millard. Using the TP profile what are you times looking like for the color changes?


I will have to roast again and either make a recording of colour or note their times. But from some cupping notes I read of the hawai kona it should be salty because it grows on some special volcanic soil. So its been metioned multiple times to be tasting salty.


Salt can also be a precursor to other flavor/aromatics leading to a different cup experience. Have you tried reaching 1c faster and keeping the same post crack development or reverse if you are reaching 1c pretty fast? What profile are you using?


I too have had some disappointing experiences with coffees from Hawai. I actually haven’t had a great one before. I think, like Jamaica, they have employed some really good marketing.
Double check this, but I believe that it can have the word Kona on the package even if it’s only 10% Kona coffee.


I’ve had the real things of both, and they’re good! They have that “island acidity” that makes them sought after. They’re vastly overrated, no doubt, but they can hit 88 or so pretty often. I know it’s easy to destroy the delicate island acidity and then there wouldn’t be much left, but also have seen a lot of them recommended for beyond city level. I know they’re soft and require a different approach from most hard specialty beans. I’d be bummed if their only potential was bland and salty. They probably won’t be too good though compared to real specialty stuff. They represent a past conception of what specialty is.