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I was thinking of this, it is also very portable but I wonder how it compares against the Rok?


My guess is this may be better than Rok … but only a little … it seems to have most of the same downsides … thermal stability, lack of pressure readout … but … lik ROK … it should inevitably work :))

Though Strietman is kind of the same, but totally a different league :smiley:


Hello Grahamgk … love to see another Portaspresso user here :slight_smile:
May I ask about your experience with Strietman? I totally adore the design and I have read a lot of superlatives about its peformance … but did not have a chance to drink an espresso made on it.


Hi Pavel, happy to share a few thoughts on my experiences.

I have the Strietman ES 3, the wall mount model. The CT 1 is the bench top model and they are essentially the same aside from wall / bench top configuration. I’ve had this Strietman for about a year now and I absolutely love it. For the way I consume espresso (1-3 coffees each day), it suits me probably better than my Speedster which I have a great passion for. I mostly use a HG - 1 grinder and this, combined with the Strietman is hard to beat for low volume, very high quality espresso making. With the HG1 there is almost no grind wastage and then, using using the Strietman to pull the shot means that I very rarely throw a shot away given the ability to adjust the pressure and flow through the extraction, based on what feel and see entering a cup. The Strietman has a boiler, controlled using a simple thermostat and because of this I find it very easy to achieve temperature profiling, with good stability.

In addition, the Strietman is a beautifully designed machine which looks great mounted on the wall.

This is a short summary which I hope you find useful. Of course, having just received my Ikawa home a short time ago, I am looking forward tasting the output!


Great … thats exactly what I expected from what I heard and read about it. But - because you can do pressure profiling on Rossa (I have rossa air), and once preheated its pretty stable with a slowly declining temperature (so no overheating of the group head like some machines do) … I would think it should be very much possible to make the same quality espresso on Rossa too … Do you find it far apart in terms of shot quality? The design and manufacturing quality is obvious … but are the shot really that much better from Strietman?


You got it Pavel, aesthetic aside as long as the Rossa is preheated sufficiently, in my opinion the output is little different from what I have been able to tell. That the Streitman has a boiler and thermostat, means there is usually no need to manually preheat so it may offer one or two fewer steps in brew process. Unless you buy the aftermarket piston pressure gauge, there is no means to accurately pressure profile on the Strietman, so the Rossa may have an advantage in this regard. Both are extremely well made, and from my personal experience, capable of achieving outstanding results.


Thank you very much Grahamgk. I am looking forward to being able to try DE+, which I guess should be a completely different level :smiley: so … we will see


I was offered a DE1+ with a slight scratch for a slightly lower price; however by the time I said yes it had gone. So I was then offered a DE1 PRO with a slight scratch for the price of a DE 1+. I said yes and it arrived from Hong Kong a week later. It is a fantastic bit of kit and made me realise just how much I had to learn, puck preparation, grind settings etc are all massive independent variables. Because you monitor pressure, temp and flow during each shot there is nowhere to hide when you are not perfect. Also the bottomless portafilter shows up any minor errors.
Really looking forward to trying it out with the Niche Zero which has apparently been shipped this week!


I would say dont be intimidated by that, i am using bottomless for quite a long time now and once the grind distribution and tamping is adjusted I almost dont have any squirts at all. Only with some older roasts or difficult extremely light ones it sometimes breaks a bitvand sprays or squirts, but from my POV having this kind of insight makes you fine tune very fast :slight_smile:
Looking forward to hearing more about your experience.


Thanks Pavel. It was your post way up this thread that introduced me to the DE machine and I’m so glad you did.