Honduras Beneficio Los Andes Roasting Profile Request


I wonder to know about roasting profile of “Honduras Beneficio Los Andes” from “Marcala” farm . Thanks


I’ve never roasted one before and someone else has a profile or two, but you are leaving out a lot of key information that leads to the end profile.

What are the flavor notes and roast degree recommended by the seller?

What is the variety (or varieties), density, and moisture content (most people don’t have a moisture meter so don’t worry about it if you don’t)?

How do you want to roast the bean and what type of roast (nordic, 3rd wave, starbucks, etc.) and to what roast degree are you aiming for?

What brew method are you roasting for?

How old are the beans? Are they new crop, last years?


Hi deven

Thank you for your comments .

Flavor notes are Malt , Toffee & Honey .

Varieties are Red catual lempira ,Bourbon Ecafe 90 .

I use IKAWA Home appliance for roasting and brewing methods are all manual brewing like V60 ,Chemex & Aeropress , etc .

Green beans are 1 year old .