How about the Peru recipe?


How about the Peru recipe? Thank you~


I don’t understand what you mean, can you clarify what about “the” Peru profile? I don’t have one from Ikawa.


Sorry about my wrongly question, I would like to like a receipt for Peru natural 1400m elevation, I can’t found a similar recipe in Ikawa’s info. Thank you🙏🏻


No worries, I don’t have a Peru profile, and I just passed on picking up some Peru beans so I won’t be able to suggest a specific for some time. It’s also hard to suggest where to start because things like how you intend to brew the coffee, and details like it’s processing all help to really specify a profile. Or you can try one of the IKAWA espresso profiles and see if that get’s you good results.


Hi, Deven, Thank you for your reference for the receipt of Peru.

I found a good recipe “'Natural flt ’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe” from Ikawa’s hot air.

because of they are both 1500-1800m elev. and similar size of bean size.

The final results of taste notes is: herts, nuts, with honey and citrus.


Glad that worked, if you are getting herbs and nuts from a high processed bean, I feel that is a slight underdeveloped profile. Try adding 3-5C/5-10F degrees to the first point and see if that gets you a sweeter cup.