How do I change my email address?


I have a new email address and wanted to update my account with this. I can see where it is stored in my profile, but can’t fathom how to update. What’s the secret? Kind regards, Cliff.


The old website has been changed and when I log in, I do not see anything like before where I could change my account settings and such. When I looked on the app and clicked the “edit” button under my profile picture I was able to see my email there, I do not know if that will then apply the new email to your account, but I would guess that it does.


Saw that, no way to edit it though.


Yea I just tried to and it keeps crashing my app.


So I just tried again, going into the app, top left corner (3 horizontal lines), hit the “edit” button on my profile picture. I was able to access/edit and save changes there when I tapped on my name, ect. last time I clicked on the pencil image instead where to type my name/email, so that was my fault but I don’t know why the app still crashed…anyways I was able to edit my info. Hopefully that helps you resolve your issue.


Yay. Done it. I just never think of using the app. Web browsers on a PC are just so much more conducive to work. I wish the IKAWA would go that way. I have an ANOVA pro sous vide now, and on that model, they upgraded to WiFi, which means I don’t need the annoying creepy blue tooth stalking via location, and it works anywhere in the world. If ever IKAWA upgrade, I’d appreciate being able to use the PC exclusively to design roast profiles and monitor it. Bluetooth is rubbish, the phone isn’t ideal for working, and if I stand between the phone and IKAWA, it drops the connection. Having an Alexa skill via WiFi would also help. You could have an interactive roast design and taste skill. Tell Alexa about the beans and what you want, and let it get a basic roast, then ask you what it tastes of and then improve it. Sigh. It’ll never happen. I am just happy to have changed my email. Thanks again.


No worries!

Def worth starting a meta/feedback thread about this, I’m 50/50 on a PC vs Phone/tablet, bigger screen would be cool, AI interface would be interesting.