How to bring out the fruits and florals?


So far the greatest success for me was this. It’s just a 10 second shorter profile from 801 242 espresso profile on Ikawa blog. Same end temp.

I realized this is really hard to get it right and the window for the flavors i want is very small.

The original 801 espresso profile had good balance but more of a classic medium roast espresso with very slight hint of bitterness in the end. I could have pulled slightly shorter.

But by 10 seoncds shorter, i had very very clear flavors of strawberries. Not strawberry jam like flavors but actual fresh strawberries. The color was noticeably lighter and needed much more pre infusion to pull the shot right.

Anyways, i was very happy with the result!


Great write up! I really appreciate the analyses and write up of the profiles, it is nice to hear everyone’s opinion of what is working and what is not. I don’t mean to infer anything but the Marshal Etheo profile works best in a volume of water between 115mL and 250mL (possibly more) so whatever brew method you use I’d shoot for that. Wherever it smells the strongest of fruit, after the beginning of crack is where I drop the beans. For brewing I generally will brew for longer if the smell from the dry beans is stronger but I know the longer the coffee steeps, the more viscous and heavier mouthfeel I will get. The longer steep will increase mouthfeel but will not cover up the “delicate” flavors because they are stronger than a weaker smelling dry/ground bean’s fruit/florals.

A couple of thoughts I have about the “7:51 249C Espresso” profile if you want to move the strawberry to strawberry jam would be to decrease the 3rd point by 2-3C (maybe even as low as 10C :man_shrugging:), and also testing out a finished profile by changing the cooling fan from a lower end fan % to a higher %. Through my own testing I have preferred a higher fan (80% seems to keep, even 50g starting batch weight ending 15% moisture loss, in the roasting chamber while cooling). This may be different for other roasters here, I am not sure.

If you feel up to it I have had success in the past with this profile without getting the burnt coffee note at the end.
For a Dry processed Ethiopian, I’d stick with the first point in that general area but with a wet process I would go in the range of 350-380F/176-193C

‘ME+H3’ freshly roasted by @deven.patel411, here’s the recipe


So I tried this profile on 3 different dry processed Ethiopians and they all worked fairly well, some better than others but only marginally. This profile brought out a more complex (indistinct) fruited note unlike the Marshal Etheo which should be straight blueberry with a sweet pastry note like factory icecream cone but the Etheo profile does not yield me the same results which I will elaborate on in “90 is the new 80” thread. For this profile I used an aeropress using 15g in 150mL with a 2 min steep time. The flavors and texture were very rounded/smooth and the cups were very drinkable. I dropped both when I got fruited notes and waited until around 7:15-7:19 and also letting the profile run fully. Both were good. The lighter roasted whole beans two days later, the grounds and the brew all smelled fruity. And the cup tasted fruited. The longer roasted had to rest longer but became more complex, I did not save the lighter profile to rest as long and compare and all three beans were pleasant.

‘Raond’ freshly roasted by @deven.patel411 here’s the recipe


This one was much more floral, I roasted and ground it immediately. Where the above profile was much more rounded/chocolatey in it’s flavor this was in the clearer more defined flavor notes. Interesting enough it is fairly cooler in weather today than when I roasted the above profile…just something to consider. I tried some alterations and noticed that raising and lowering the charge is going to effect when 1C happens. I think idealy 1C should happen right before the last segment starts. And I recommend dropping in the 0-15s time range after first pop of first crack, as per my usual recommendation. Although it has been a while since I have had beans that really smelled fruity during rest, this profile smelled like all the notes on the bag while roasting but stopped smelling about halfway though the roast, hopefully they come back in the cup in the next few days.

‘ME+H3 Hc360v.2’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe


‘Marshal etheo’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe
This profile seems to be able to bring out the juicier fruit notes after around 5-7 days rest, I’m getting 1C around 478F in 8:40-9:00 range depending how short or long the second point on the fan goes, and I’m dropping at 484-487 9:14-9:26 range. I think the ideal 2nd point of fan should be anout 5-15s before the beans start to turn yellow.

On a side note I’m about to dig into 5lbs of some Sumatra if anybody has some it would be interesting to hear how’s it going and what you’ve tried so far…