How to clean roasting chamber?


I noticed the fan speed to expell the beans after roasting is not strong enough anymore to lift the beans out of the roaster. I suspect the bottom of the roasting chamber is gunked up enough to limit the fans air flow. I can see dark brown residue that I just can’t seem to be able to clean even with the rough side of the cleaning sponge.

How can I clean these inner parts after hundreds of roasting cycles?

P.S. cleaning with a sponge helped (beans come out) but would still love to completely clean the device down there.


I think that beans not coming out may have to do with inadequate weight loss during roasting. Someone else had an issue and it turned out to be a piece of paper under the roaster (blocking the air intake), or could be a hardware issue and you should email Ikawa about that. Thanks for the tip, I was thinking of uncrewing the top part of the roaster and seeing if I can just soak the whole thing in UrnX or a lighter strength solution. I have not looked into any cleaning methods yet. Some things to consider would be the matting on top and the glue(?) used and what the metal is.

Here’s what my dirty girl looks like:


Could you maybe get a toothbrush down there? Maybe try and soften the gunk by dipping the toothbrush in some cleaner/degreaser and dabbing away at it. Or lay one of those wet kitchen wipes over it and use the toothbrush to abrade the surface with it?


For me personally I have no qualms with the bottom (blackened) part of the roaster so. But I would only take something damp (at most) to get at the sides of the roaster. Drum roasters purposefully season the roaster to get something like what I have. The window on the other hand I keep clean by regularly taking off and wiping with isopropyl on a paper towel


Maybe someone from Ikawa could let us know how they clean this part of the roaster? It would be useful. @Geoff_IKAWA ?


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Ikawa were doing some customer surveys a few months back. Wonder if we might get any feedback? I was promised a bag of greens - which never arrived…


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