How to fit cork rims on collection jars


I tore the cork rim of a collection charge when attempting to take it off in order to clean the jar. I bought three replacement rims but when I tried to fit one a moment ago, I felt that I was about to tear that one too. How do you stretch or otherwise manipulate the rims in order to put them on and take them off the jars?


I’ve never replaced the corks, but I do know this:
cork will expand temporarily when you make it wet. You could also choose to permanently expand it by warming it up under humid conditions.

edit: found an article:

now the thought challenge… an expanding metal ring (due to heat) will make the hole in the middle bigger because the metal is solid.
In case of a non-solid (e.g. baking a donut) the hole middle will get smaller because the substance is malleable .
I would presume cork to be a solid so I would expect the hole in the middle to grow when you wet it (warm water!), but cork is slightly malleable so…?


What an extraordinary link to find! I thought of wetting the cork, but I only took it off in the first place because the Ikawa instructions said to do so before washing the jar in order to keep it dry!


its been a while since I read the instructions and can’t recall that. Perhaps its best to ask @Geoff_IKAWA what the best practice is before you ‘screw’ something up. Note that I’ve never done this. Its just passing on (obscure) knowledge.


Hey guys! Yes, @rsegers, this is actually what our team recommended as well. I wasn’t sure and just spoke with our R&D team and they recommended soaking in hot water for 3 - 5 minutes, which should make it expand, placing on the jar, and then leaving it to fully dry out. When it dries it will constrict around the jar. Hope that works well for you @mshextra


Good to know. Though I am far from needing to wash the jars.