How to Taste Coffee



Btw @jmuir2009 where are you located? :slight_smile:


That is a good point about the porosity.

It is my own roast using one of the default lighter profiles. I have managed to get better shots with slightly darker and slower roasts.

But the grinder should be able to go fine enough to work with a lighter roast. Which it appears that it cannot. So a “workaround” is then to use a darker roast (or at least a longer roast time) to develop extra porosity.

But it seems that I should be able to get a decent shot with the lighter roast and a finer grind - but the grinder is not going there…


And my lowest setting is only getting 32% of grinds below 350 micron…


I think its also about fragility of the puck - my gut feeling is that darker roast just holds better together because of maybe the oils or other reasons … it just is not so prone to fracturing. But light roasts are also more “dry” and the puck may be more fragile.
But still - I use almost only light filter roasts, I do espressos from very lightly roasted ones like Gesha etc … and even my underdeveloped Gesha I was able to make a shot … so… it may be a factor in play, but I think the problem here has to be in what Sette does …
And I really really not like how the distribution looks - though I guess you did not sift the very fine ones well enough - which does not make it better but maybe worse actually. Sure its very unprecise measuring with the sieves but still … not what I expected to see.


Budapest - so we are almost neighbors…

I stalked you by looking at you facebook page :slight_smile: at least I assume it was your page…

Did you come and look at the DE1+ when John demoed it at Espresso Embassy (in Budapest). It was on at the same time as the barista championships - and I think you said you were there…


Budapest … great! :)) that gives us maybe some options for testing in person if we dont find a solution other way. Not soo far …

Also it should be possible to both service the machine and get the replacement burrs in germany (they told me they sent my Vario to germany …so I dont have contact myself, but it was supposed to be mahlkoenig oficial service at the factory)


I will make a shot with Aergrind and let you know how well it worked.
Looking forward to hearing the results of using only the 350-600 part … that may explain a lot if it actually works better :slight_smile:


Yup I completely see how that can be the issue and definitely part of the troubleshooting. @jmuir2009 looks like you have some fun (if you enjoy that problem solving, I do)

You guys are lucky you are close-ish!


Btw … maybe make a new Thread > Fixing problems with Sette grinder, and ask Geoff Ikawa to move all related into it … I think it will grow a lot more, potentially … :wink:


As to whether this roast is “underdeveloped” - picture of beans and ground coffee together

This roast was n experiment for me - I think it is probably too light for my taste. But it seems to me that I should be able to get espresso shots from this coffee… I broke a few of the beans open and the colour looks very even within the bean (to my unpracticed eye)

So as a workaround I can probably roast longer and bit darker - and get decent shots from the Sette. Which means I can still make decent shots.


Hmmmmmmm, oh I see what the problem is, your coffee has turned to pebbles…lol jk, just a lot of clumping, so it’s fine enough. What kind of coffee is it? Though I can see it def is not an underdevelopment issue…


Ah… looks to be not even really very light …
and … the grind even looks too fine to me in the picture … I know its hard to tell … but the way it clumps together … it seems to behave very close to when I grind turkish …


Your issue has me scratching my head…


WAIT - don’t want to accidentally mislead - you don’t see the problem!!!

This was just one of my sifting trays 350-400 - I only stuck it there for COLOUR comparison only :innocent::face_with_monocle::sunglasses::rofl::crazy_face::nerd_face::flushed::coffee:


Looks similar to Turkish as it is only the 350-400 fraction :joy::innocent::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::+1::flushed::nerd_face::crazy_face::innocent::sunglasses::upside_down_face:


Sorry to mislead you guys with the ground coffee :blush:

So it looks like it it is not too light for espresso - which is what I thought too.


lol no worries, then I guess it is as Pavel says the fragility of the puck…ie grind isn’t even enough


Which comes back to the grinder probably not working quite right…

I am going to have to stop for now as I a conference call very soon…


I’m kinda hoping the solution will be easy :innocent::sunglasses::nerd_face::flushed::rofl::thinking:

Grinder not working -> send to factory -> grinder comes back -> grinder is working.

But most things are never that easy…

And in the mean time it is good to have a backup grinder…


And the last picture of the beans and ground coffee was incorrect. Because I ground some old stale coffee to sift — then I mistakenly photographed the old ground coffee next to the new light roasted beans.

So here are correct pics of the new ground coffee and beans — this what I meant to post before:

Probably doesn’t really add anything useful but the grounds and the beans are a similar colour (whereas in the earlier pic the grounds were darker than the beans — which did not make sense)