Ikawa home or ikawa pro/sample roaster


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Hi all! I’m new to this forum and I currently do not own an ikawa roaster. I just recently got a bocaboca 250 roaster which is more of a manual roaster using IR heat and variable temperature.
It became apparent though that I don’t have the will to be an expert at all the parameters in manual roasting. I found out about the Ikawa and I like the idea of sharing profiles. Also I line that ikawa themselves developed profiles for green beans that they sell.

Would the ikawa home or the pro model suite me best? I’d like to be able to use profiles others have developed and maybe tweak them some as well.
The pro model has a probe from the air exiting the roaster. Is this a big deal to miss out on if I get the home model? I guess that probe makes the roaster adjust itself to humidity and the green beans being used? That seems like a good thing for a novice


I’d guess Pro version would suit your needs as you will have access to the professional profiles geared towards sample runs. While still able to create profiles while ideally lowing waste and increasing the number of attempts. But you will still have to find the ability to replicate your roasts from the Ikawa to your production. Or any sample roaster to production.

Ideally you want more data and therefore the Pro would be better than the Home.


This will be my main roaster so no need to reproduce into production.
I emailed ikawa and they think the home model would suite me best. I guess it’s a lot cheaper as well.
Will probably order it today and hopefully be happy with it :slight_smile:


I can create profiles on the home-version as well?
I don’t find any profiles for download outside of this forum though. Only for the pro-version :frowning:


You can create profiles from scratch, modify existing (for example those you find preloaded in the app or those that come with greens from IKAWA) or share with entusiast communities such as this one.
IKAWA publishes occasionally some profiles for the PRO, mainly to promote it among professionals I think - that is the market where the profit margin is highest, but it is NOT my impression that there is much sharing amongst professional roasters, not publicly anyway.
Combining what get published here and what you find on the app, I think you have more than plenty to work with.


Sounds good, thanks!


I got my Ikawa Home roaster yesterday and run a roast. Tasted great in my to-go-mug on my way to work today (brewed in a clever drip).
Impressed by the ease it was to roast compared to my previous BocaBoca 250 roaster. Smaller batches and more noice, yes, but I really liked the “workflow” and that I didn´t have to pay that much attention to it! Really nothing to clean up afterwards either!
I´m a happy customer so far!