Indian Monsoon Malabar Espresso



Monsoon Malabar Espresso Roast

Tasting Notes: This full, heavy bodied coffee comes from traditional malabar estates where the process of ‘monsooning’ was first accidentally discovered. The additional moisture absorbed during the monsoon season has a strong effect on the beans, reducing acidity and increasing aromas. Expect strong earthy and spicy notes with aromas of dark chocolate & cinnamon.

Roasting Notes: Take it up to Full City to heighten the spicy notes and stop just before the bitterness rises

Origin: India

Estate: Various Highland Malabar Estates

Varietal: Arabica

Grade: AA

Certification: RFA

Processing: Monsooned


My original espresso recipe stopped short of where this bean can be taken to. I tend not to go to the shiny side on beans, but decided to persist and see what I could manage.

The recipe variant below takes Monsoon Malabar all the way to a Full City Roast (black shiny beans)

Indian Monsoon Malabar Full City Roast