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First roast with a Sumatran coffee I’ve had for a while - I used the Brazilian profile.

While I was patiently (cough, cough!)waiting for the Ikawa, I took my first steps into coffee roasting using a heat gun and metal bowl which was educational in many ways. I was amazed to find that I could mostly get decent results in the cup. However, comparing the results of the same coffee with the Ikawa roast is like chalk and cheese.
This is a semi washed Catimor, Timor hybrid (1300-1400)m. The roasting notes are to take it dark for spice and chocolate, medium for sweet citrus acidity.
The Brazilian profile has brought out sweetness, orange type acidity , clove, nutmeg and sweet tobacco. Very nice brewed. Incredibly refined compared to the heat gun.

It would be interesting to hear of how others would go about roasting this type of coffee.


Thanks for the post, great to hear the wait was worth it.


Sounds very nice indeed.
And fun to read someone actually did some hgdb roasting. I was ready to try but then ikawa on KS and I did not want to invest in a good heatgun just to pley with. But the method looked loads of fun to me.

Dont have any sumatran coffee at hand but loved both that I tried some time ago. Both had deep woody and a bit spicy flavour and very gentle acidity. What you are describing sounds like a one I would love to taste one day. More in the middle …

This was created specifically for the kind of Sumatran and has become on of my starting profiles, let me know what you think.



Thanks Deven. I’ll give it a whirl next time.


Tried this and it gives a more developed roast bringing out some of the darker notes as well as some nice acidity. Fairly similar to what I was getting before the Ikawa.

I prefer the previous roast, probably because it is very light in comparison, though most would probably prefer this one.

Eclectic tastes and all that…


Hi Geoff,

I just purchased the Ikawa home. I use Sumatra regular and decaf. Do you have a program for both.
Is there a quick course on how to due a roasting program?

Thank You.



Hi Tom, welcome!
There is a nice post by Geoff on how to create and edit profiles in the “Getting Started” section. See post no 5.

I haven’t roasted any Sumatran since. You can try Deven’s profile above simply by clicking on the link and it will automatically take you to the App where you can run or edit the profile.

Decaf might require a gentle approach.

Hopefully someone else might have been roasting Sumatran lately and can help more.

Experimentation is key to learning more about how the roaster can work for you.


This one is decreasing the 4th pt a little, giving (I think) a little more rounding out the acidity. I’m actually getting in a new Sumatran so hopefully I will be able to come up with something better.

In the meantime it’s important to remember that good sorting (finding the defects in green beans, before the roasting) by you, can make a world of difference.


Thanks for stepping in guys! @stephen.pickering21 @deven.patel411.

Welcome @tamini! I hope those get you started. If you still have some questions, you know where to find us :slight_smile: