Inlet temp, bean there a difference? #fakenews #hotairkicksbass


For your listening pleasure:

So the more I think of it (and research how to measure temperature and moisture) I believe the inlet temp is remarkably close to the outside bean temperature but still has a slight lag behind because the water being released is slightly fighting the heat being applied. And the rough overall energy input is based on density of the bean and less on the moisture. This I think aligns with the “fact” that air roasters carry away moisture loss faster. I come to this because a voice whispered in my dreams…jk. I was actually looking at a series of drum profiles and saw that they were applying heat in order to reach the markers (turnaround, green, yellow, 1C) at relatively consistent times/temps and only fluctuated “slightly”. Which seemed to me more of a “sample roast” style where I have been approaching each bean with the mindset that it likes to be roasted differently and will have a preference of where/when these different markers occur. How do I know it’s on the right track? The nose knows.