Intent for Approaching a Roast


One thing I think is related. Are you trying to get to the same place (with every bean)? Or is the destination different?

Some time ago, around 3 or 4 months. I was looking at a drum roaster profile comparison. And the roaster was trying to end in the same place so everything they did by altering the charge to speed of the ramps, etc. were all to end in the same place. This came up against the question I have been pondering since the start of getting an actual roaster and not using my mini oven or a pan…something with at least one probe in it.

The question: “Do I set a profile to find where the flavor is or is the flavor at the destination?” I think these are two distinct ways to approach how I roast, and how I think about how I am planning my roast.

I prefer to roast where the fruit flavor appears and not the coffee flavor. If this is wrong I am not sure since I have been essentially exploring and teaching myself. Not having dogma as a lighthouse has been insightful but because I cannot see, I step on many toes. And so, because I am going for a chemical reaction to occur I am trying to create the appropriate environment for it to do so. If I have a HDHM (high density high moisture) for me I know that (for an air roaster, do everything almost the opposite I say here for drum roasting) I have to take the bean more gently, for fear of tipping. And then take it longer so it looses enough moisture. Because air is less conductive than metal, but having a higher area of contact, are is technically more efficient. Essentially though no matter the machine I need to pump more energy (at the expense of time) during the belly of the roast to rid the moisture so the reaction I want can occur at the place (roast degree, cellular breakdown) I want. However this can be accomplished is up to: how can heat can be applied by the machine. How do beans react in that machine and how to adjust the machine in order to, end at the same destination or a destination you desire.

Lastly I think if you are roasting beans for a post roast blend, ending the beans at the same “destination” is more important. That doesn’t mean ending at the same temp. DTR, etc for a Rwandan and Colombian. But at the same degree of roast. For SO then altering the roast to achieve the beans best flavor would be more appealing, IMO.