Interested in group chat or Telegram channel?


Anyone interested in creating a telegram channel so that we all can discuss about the new beans and profiles that we’re experimenting?

As a pure hobbyist, i go on and off on roasting, because it’s so much easier just buying well roasted beans, and after doing a few experiments, it feels really lonely (haha…) and end up with the question “what am I doing this for” and just don’t roast for a month or so.

It doesn’t have to be Telegram but Whatsapp, Messenger or anything that is most common.

We can just mute the alarm and catch up in our free time and just msg our experiments and learnings.


I think this is a great idea and will be useful for beginners like me. How would this be different from posting here on the forum? (Genuinely curious)

I think the key requirement is an active community of roasters using the ikawa home and willing to discuss more about what they are doing and their results, but so far in my limited time perusing this forum I notice just a few active posters (eg. deven and LS2489), which I think is a shame because there is so much we can learn together.


Yea I wonder if there is a difference in a messaging app vs here. I am for anything that allows us to share and talk about roasting more, but I dont see how this forum doesn’t have all the necessary advantages eg post profile pics/links, search bar, etc. Maybe my titles could be more “searchable” friendly :sweat_smile: but when nobody else is playing in the sandbox you build your own castles :man_shrugging:.
Personally I think the issue is two fold, first we have shy beginners and secondly we have a scrolling/consuming based internet culture, so “creating content” now is just a label that people say during erase board meetings. Like this guy:
But I think there is a massive advantage to everyone not being shy and posting there own ideas and roast plans/journals. A) so you have an extra place to keep ideas going on track b) think of and executing that plan whether right or wrong can help others move along more quickly and try something else or test against your plan to see if they can get the same results. And inputs from other can help refine/question your own process, ideally making it better. Since the underlying advantages of being a good experimenter also help being a better roaster ie consistency.

Then at least trends in roasting on this roaster can be mapped out. Then ideally instead of 5 or 9 or 45 roasts to find a profile, it would take 1 or 2.


Agree and agree. We can always just chat more here, rather than focus on deep and meaningful content.

Also agree about process and feedback. That is why I am sharing the detail of my 90+ experiments. I have no idea if my method is good, it is just what I do, and has produced some delicious roasts (as well as some less delicious). By sharing I am hoping people will jump in with other thoughts and ideas. Especially if my initial tests taste bad :smiley:


Well, in theory there is no difference in group chat or this forum.
But for me, in a forum like this, i feel like i can’t ask simple questions too often, or share my everyday roasting results and impressions until i can sum it up into something more readable.
So i guess there can be more communication between enthusiasts who roast regularly in a group chat? Maybe it’s just me, or how much people are used to group char channels.


I disagree, if you so choose, you can start a thread and post hourly…I think you shouldn’t worry too much and just do it if you want to, and if you start a group chat I’d be happy to join. Sure some people would complain, but they’d just as likely complain that the sun is too bright And the night is too dark. We are people after all, and for me, I get annoyed when people ask a question that’s too basic or has been already said on the forum (after-all the forums purpose is to have what was said posted for all to read/see). Since I feel that this is a forum for roasting, we should all know the basics of roasting, terms and concepts that allow us to communicate quickly without having to define things that aren’t new or specific to our Ikawa community. Forums usually build communities on ideas, spread knowledge and help us all understand the subject better. Which I feel is fairly reasonable and normal for forum etiquette. Forums are an amorphous body that’s structure is based on who participates and the guidelines set by the mods. The key is participating in whatever amount that means to you. So start a thread and post or group chat. Someone in the future once said in my past: Do or do not, there is no try.


Agreed. Lets start a chatty thread and see where it takes us. At least here we can share profiles, so are building on one of our big advantages :slight_smile:


I pulled a sentence from one of your posts. I know everyone has thier own ideas and such but this makes me personally not want to post anything here. I definitely don’t know much so I’d expect I’d ask very basic questions that would likely fall into the annoy category.

“I get annoyed when people ask a question that’s too basic or has been already said on the forum”

I have been trying to learn but it’s not exactly easy, I didn’t think it would be easy but I had thought this place would be more helpful and it’s not actually very useful for me. Maybe it it’s just me but I have lots of basic questions.


Could you please list the questions you think are basic? Because if you’ve been through “Fruit for Thought” thread and read Rob Hoos’s book and Scott Rao’s book(s) on roasting or William Boot’s articles or watched Mill City videos where they literally teach the basics of roasting, than anything that applies to roasting on a hot air machine or specifically the Ikawa, I would not quantify as “basic*” and could lead to an interesting discussion.

On the whole I fully understand the trepidation that comes from posting a question or thought or even an informational link that we ourselves do not think is “worthy”. Im sure you can understand that posting a profile is nerve wrecking, Personally I hope when I post a profile that I made, that it doesn’t waste someone’s beans and works out well for them, not to mention all the time and beans (and money) and effort I went through to make that profile and eek out enough confidence to post it. After all they say; “sharing is caring”. Maybe someone should make up a saying about complaining.

But post your questions. Do it anyways, regardless of me, the real person you are fighting against is probably yourself.

Let me tell you though, from someone who has covered all the information on coffee roasting, and I do mean that literally. There is not enough info out there, from different origins to types of beans, altitudes, to the different fluctuations of your own environment and all the many, maNY, MANY variables, there are so many unknowns on how to actually roast coffee, most roasters have been in the Dark Ages (pun intended) up until very very recently. And the amount of money it takes to do real research is epic. I am not the one who sent you down this path, and don’t blame me for not leading you back to the light. But this forum has been here for three years, what help have you personally been, where is the “community” you talk about, it’s just been me and and a handful of people, so please, spare me.

*Basic in the sense that this information is foundational to understanding (not only) how to roast generally but how to apply that knowledge in order to make alterations to a profile.


I do see you post a lot. I do appreciate that you do. There is a lot to unpack in your post, I don’t think I will try to much beyond a couple comments. I have been part of a tech community that is made up of people with very basic knowledge, members from university in the tech departments, leaders of teams from major software companies and government. there is always a way to include people with basic questions and not make them feel they are an outsider.

I don’t think I will ever ask you anything. I will read what you post for sure but I don’t think I will engage in anything with you. It will feel like this community will have “clicks” of new basic people and the more special advanced people. This is a disappointment for such a small new place.

Have a nice day,

I am going to roast a Rwanda Nyamasheke Cyato from Sweet Maria’s. Looks like it should roast well at City to FC- A tea-like acidic impression marks the cup, panela sugar sweetness, red raisin, Earl Grey tea and mace spice in the finish. Darker roasting lays a chocolate-y groundwork along with a grape accent note. City to Full City. Good espresso.

Not sure what profile I will use but it seems asking here would be a bad idea because I’m sure the answer is found in a book or in a youtube video.


I thank you, everything I write is a condensation in order to distill the most potent information possible. Things to chew on, spend time on and think about. I dare say, things I think are important, not to hear the babble of my own brook.

Well I say now… is that irony?

New to whom? Why clicks? You’re going to have to read and watch that stuff anyways, just do it and get on my level so then we could actually answer how you should roast that Rwanda. To join an club and be like “hey guys! I’ve never picked up a basketball but I want to join the team!” I don’t think anyone here wants to stop you, but anyone on that basketball team would.

I think your problem stems from that you don’t know where to start. Which to that point, everyone who has ever roasted on an Ikawa has asked themselves…where do I start? Beginners: Read Me

I think the same frustration stems from the same example that you tell your friend to listen to a song or watch a show and they just don’t.

Asking how to roast a Rwandan bean here IS a bad idea. Because this thread is a meta-thread asking if there should be a group chat or or forum discussion, don’t jack Kkhyun’s thread to ask about Rwandan profiles, make a new thread, proper organization of threads, using key words also helps others who are looking, find that thread when using the search bar on this forum or google, etc.