Issue with Total Roast Time?


Hi All,

I just noticed this issue in my past 2 roasting sessions and wanted to make sure my machine is not broken.

I roasted the Brazilian beans using the Filter and Espresso profiles provided. My understanding from the profiles is that the roasting should end at 6:19m and 6:04m (excluding the cooling periods in each profile). However, if I actually time it using a separate timer, starting from when I push the green start button right to when the cooling indicator turns blue, the actual times are about 20-23 seconds longer. Is this right? Does the countdown indicator in the Ikawa somehow start later? This has got me confused, considering it seems that 20s would have a theoretically big impact on modulating flavor?

If this is not the way the machine is supposed to work, then maybe I can exchange it (still). I also have the initial problem that one of the screwheads was already broken. The screwhead fell off when I had to dump the beans in my very first roast. This didn’t bother me at the beginning as the rest of the screw was still in there, so there’s no danger of anything coming lose. However, if the timer is also off, then maybe I can send it back. I just got this at the beginning of the month.



Ive had my suspicions, but never got around to testing it. I’ll time my next roasts and get back to you.


The time for preheat to 50C ?


You’re right…My room temperature (= exhaust temperature) was 22C and based on my roasting log, it took 40s* to get to 50C, which is the starting temperature of all Ikawa at home profiles… I’ve never watched the inlet temperature indicator in the ikawa app when I’m roasting (I will the next time). This means that the countdown timer started later… Very interesting.

Added to reconcile timing difference:

  • The 40s actually makes sense since I’ve noticed that it takes about 20s for a new inlet temperature setting to reflect in the exhaust temperature trend line. This means that the ikawa inlet temperature got to 50C 20 seconds earlier—thus that’s when the countdown timer started.


Yes it takes around 20sec to get up to 50C depending on ambient temperature.
For some crazy reason Ikawa changed the timer in V2 of the app to count down from the end of the roast, so I have to wait with a stopwatch for the roast to start after preheat to get elapsed time.
Supposedly this will be fixed in the next update whenever that may be.


Just did a couple roasts (a couple days ago) but forgot to post that: yes I timed my roasts, everything worked fine. No timer issues for me.


I have a supplemental question … what is the maximum length of roast time in the Ikawa Home? I do not seem to be able to extend mine past about 12 minutes. My roasts are not dark enough … is extending the time even possible? How?


The IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System will have a maximum roast time of 12 minutes, however many of our favourite roast recipes take around 6 minutes + cooling time (approximately 90 seconds). You can experiment to find what works best for you!

From the FAQ:


Mine takes 15 secs to get to 50c which is the timer (weirdly counting down) begins at. My roaster is placed at the Windows side. Room temp around 18c while outside the windows feels like -4c.