Issues connecting after iOS 13


After upgrading my iPhone Xs Max to iOS 13 I’m having issues connecting to my Ikawa Home. I usually get it working by turning the roaster on and off a couple of times and going to my IPhones Bluetooth settings. However it’s worrying since if it completely stops working the roaster is pretty useless.

Is anyone else experiencing this? It used to connect instantly.


I haven’t had this issue with the IKAWA but with some of my other Bluetooth equipment.
A restart of my iPhone helped me :man_shrugging:t3: Try it out.

Hopefully it will help you too


With IOS 13 they’ve locked down Bluetooth access for apps so that might be the issue. To check, open Settings and find the IKAWA app and make sure the Bluetooth option is on.

Hope this helps…


I get the roaster to connect but I always have to turn bluetooth off and on again and wait for a while. I really hope it won´t break down completely.