It's the Cold issue!


Advice to those of you who live in a colder climate, like me; make sure you ensure the room where you’re going to roast in, is at a comfortable room temperature first, otherwise it could cause linking issues in temps below 2c!


What actually happened?
Was it like the app lost the Bluetooth connection showing no roaster?
BTW, how cold when It happened?


yes, too cold to connect; similar issue (temp sensor) when I used the Gene Cafe years ago; perhaps the bluetooth module should be more protected/insulated against such low tempts!
I had to bring it into the kitchen to warm it up before it would finally throw out a signal to my tablet!


I think a venting setup would be really beneficial. I’ve been meaning to go to my local hardware store and get some stuff to build a venting setup. Even though I’m in a temperate/warm climate and usually have the windows open. But I am not constantly hovering over my oven when cookies are baking so I think maybe a vent would be even better than an open window.