JAMAICA Blue Mountain Profile


I try this Profile to roast JBM which is not bad


Start from 1:00 147C to 7:00 219C bean temperature

Any comments?


How can you tell what the bean temperature is? Do you have a thermocouple placed in the bean pile?


Yes, I place a therm sensor inside the machine


Thank you for your reply and the informative photographs. I like your placement of the tc and I shall try to replicate it.


Hello! I’ve tried your profile, but as a profile to reroast beans. Jamaican beans are usually large, high grown and med/low moisture density (I really dont know) but I thought the profile would work well for beans like this. And I wanted something that would go dark and would be a gentle profile for reroasting. So I took around 400g and reroasted them to just right about 2C (first sound of 2C). They are currently on day 9 of rest and I have been pulling espresso and they are starting to show some good dark chocolate/cherry notes, great body and dark characteristics, the type that taste good for dark roasts without going overboard. I roasted a Guatemalan (large bean, WP) from green and not reroasting like the other batches but that came out too light. When I roll around to play with this profile I will post back what I find.