Jamaica Blue Mountain


Would like to ask if anyone has some experience with this one. Is is worth the premium price? After me not being too happy with investment in hawaii kona, I got somewhat cautious with these origins.


One problem with Hawaii Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountain is being confident that you are using genuine, high quality beans from the origin. They both come from very small areas and both have had production problems.

Next is that both coffees reached prominence at a time when coffee tastes were different. Both are smooth and refined. To me the Blue Mountain is milder and less complex, but smoother.

Assuming I was drinking good examples of both when I tried them, neither were to my taste - too light, too mild and insufficient character.


Sounds like it would not impress me either. Hmm. I have to say I do not have any problems paying a premium price for beans like Gesha because it is so specific and offers unique and very enjoyable experience (i try to have at least one Gesha a year, is a very special moment for me when brewing one).
But for me Kona did not offer anything so special I would pay this price for it, and … from your description, it sounds like Jamaica might fall into this category too.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience.


yes, I’ve been reading on JBM and as mentioned it turns out to be a very small actual JBM area. Then there are other locations close by with a lower elevation that also go under the JBM name and then there is the JBM label which a coffee may use if its of sufficient quality. So original or ‘true’ JBM is REALLY hard to come by and most you can find are not from there but carry the label (which at least should mean that its a decent coffee!).