Jamaican Blue Mountain


Hi all,
I am hoping to bring green beans back from Jamaica, any ideas on roasting them. I recently brought back some roasted beans and it was delicious coffee.


JBM is just the Jamaican branding of a Typica bean. A good starting point would be any Central American/Caribbean Typica profile.
I’d be curious to know how you will get the green beans. At my visit, I only succeeded in finding roasted beans - without a roasting date. I even visited a farm (although just on a tourist tour) and when I asked if I could buy a few green beans, they looked at me as if I asked the weirdest question in the world :slight_smile:


I’ve yet to work that bit out, I was over there a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed most of the coffee I had. I am going back for 7 weeks so I will hopefully visit as many farms as I can in the hope I can buy a few Kilo of Green Beans. I shall relay my progress over the next 2 months.


I’ve only roasted Typica in a blend with other cultivars so I don’t have a profile, but I do have a suggestion. I’ve seen that the less dense a bean is, the harder I need to heat it in the beginning.

Good luck with finding the beans.
If you are able to bring some back I’d suggest an attempt growing a couple :slight_smile:


It should be easy enough to find them, buying them will be the first hurdle then getting them through Customs😱


A quick googling showed that you shouldn’t have a problem as long as you declare it when your at Customs. I would say bring an extra suitcase but at the rate airlines are adding fees I’m sure soon enough there will be a tax to breathe on planes.


I will have two shipping containers of Equipment coming back by sea so hopefully I can tuck them inside, I will declare it on the Carnet. Just need to find the Beans.


Maybe this might help…though I would try and find better coffee from places that dry on raised beds and shaded. But that is something I’ve heard and I’m just passingly it along to you.