Kenya AA roasting profiles?


Does anyone have a profile that works well for (light) roasting Kenyan AA beans?

A while back, I had success on a PRO roaster, using Tim Wendelboe’s profile - out of 6 attempts with different profiles, Tim’s unmodified profile yielded the most fruity and balanced result - but the roasted beans looked a bit more uneven than the same bean roasted to a similar level by a professional roaster.

I find it difficult to get an even looking light roast with AA’s also on my Home roaster (which of course doesn’t matter if it taste good).

At the moment I am trying to adapt the Wendelboe profile to my IKAWA Home roaster, but as these light roasted AA beans needs min. 14 days resting, thus it will take a while before I know if I am successful.
It would be nice to work with a few more profiles i parallel to progress faster.



Hi, if you take a look at “perfect ethiopia natural” thread then post 27 has a graph and link to a "Rocko#nat profile. I developed this as a trial for an ethiopian natural but it turns out to be better for washed!
‘Rocko#nat | 50g’ freshly roasted by @ikawacoffee, here’s the recipe #IKAWAHOME -

I’ve just drunk a V60 of a Kenyan AA 3 days post roast and it’s the best yet on this bean. I stopped the roast at 7:30 and would describe it as light/medium rather than super light. First pop at 5:57 then some rolling cracks 6:10 onwards. 250C at 6:10.
In the cup, sweet jelly tot blackcurrant fruit and a slight viscosity to the mouthfeel. Moderate acidity.
50.20g batch size, no preheat.

This is the second Kenyan I’ve sampled from this profile and that was also very good. You could try cutting the development depending on how light you want to go. I haven’t yet tried this myself.

Another profile you might want to try if you want super light is the Simple#r profile from the same post. I’ve had some very nice roasts from that at the 6min mark. More like sweet fruit juice, very little body. There is a graph on the thread. If you want a link to the profile I can post it here.

‘Simple#r | 50g’ freshly roasted by @ikawacoffee, here’s the recipe #IKAWAHOME -


Thanks Stephen!

Let me see if I can figure out inserting a link to the post in the referred thread:

Post 27

Profile Link “Rocko#nat”

Hope it works :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind a profile link to Simple#r - if not too much trouble.




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