Kenya Nyeri AB's


I’ve got two Kenya AB’s to roast. Any ideas about where to start? I know they take a fair amount of heat. I’ve tried the Ikawa espresso roast 1 and one I called Dumerso 4.8. They both need a few more days rest, but I’ll post more in time. I’d like it as light as possible without underdevelopment… Any thoughts?


Nyeri AB is one of my favourite kenyas. But i did not have it green yet to roast some. I would start from the same type of profile you did, but you may also check Devens “A” profile, it looked very promissing on my Rwanda … though it gives very different results from the one you used …

Looking forward to reading more about your progress :slight_smile:


Hey, looks like a great start. Curious to hear how they turn out!


tasting is really the way to find the right roast… how did you get that image in your post?


In the app, anyway, there are some icons above the text box. One is an arrow pointing up out of a tray - click that and it will give you options for uploading files.


Ah ok, you made a screenshot and uploaded it. Thnx for the explanation!