Let's buy the same coffee!


I’ve been thinking it myself, so when I saw Pavel, and I believe Stephen, mention it, I thought there needs to be a topic for this! I actually don’t have any immediate plans to buy coffee, but I have over 50 unique beans from the past year which someone else may have as well. My main source is Sweet Maria’s, but Ive also bought from PT’s coffee, Temple coffee, Paradise roasters, crop to cup, Ikawa, Seattle coffee works, shearwater roasters, and Redding roasters. If anyone has bought from these sources in the past year, we may already have the same coffees! I’d love to know who other people are buying from, so please feel free to list your sources! I’ve been keeping my eyes on the green coffee buying club and Burman coffee, and I would definitely consider buying from these sources as well.

I’d also be interested to know what types of coffees or flavors people prefer! I like pretty much everything from cinnamon to French roast, geisha to robusta, floral to earthy, monsooned malabar to washed Kenyan, but I always need to have a fruity coffee in rotation. I think the more weight any number of us is willing to buy, the better for finding and sharing great roasts. For example, I will happily buy 20 lbs or more of a highly rated Ethiopian natural with fruit notes. Anyone else?

If anyone knows which suppliers operate at all internationally, I’m sure that would be useful to start figuring out.


Hi, I’m in the UK and don’t have a Sweet Marias equivalent. It is not that easy to source small quantities here other than from roasters that will also sell their greens.
My preference is for fruity african coffees - Kenyan in particular but I do love a natural Ethiopian. Light roasts for filter are my preference.
So, although this is a great idea I’m not sure whether internationally we can get hold of the same greens without prohibitive postage cost.


I have a lot (over 50kg and about the same number of unique beans as you), but all sourced in UK.
I have all the Ikawa beans.
I like the full gamut on occasion (though never really like bright unless it is just a set of notes in a blend); mostly drink dark medium. Happy lighter and darker, even very dark, at times, when I’m in the mood. I like the dark flavours of tobacco and leather (only recently learned how to get those) and body and general gloupiness. But also everything else. I always have 16+ roasted beans ready to use and just choose (or blend) as I wish at the time I brew. And that 16+ will have a full range from light to dark. I tend to feel a bit bereft if there are flavours I don’t have available if I want them, even if I want them rarely.


Great @jboutte88 … lets do it. Lets find a way how to do it.
A first thing … as I read many here have lots of different beans, it might help posting a list of them, we might find we have some of the same allready.

There are different ways of getting some beans, i am very soon going to order some from Hasbean, UK. So if you look and see that they have some that also your local source has, just let me know :slight_smile:

And … on a side note, there seems to be a possibility to own a tree in a farm project in kenya. Getting some 1plus kg from it each year. They also can think of sending it green. It will not come at a nice price, it will be actually quite expensive material :wink: but having a coffee from your own tree? I like that idea. Also I plan to go there and see how it works, get my hands dirtx …


I’ve bought quite a lot from Hasbean. Happy to buy anything anyone else does from there. Unless I have it already.
One good thing about Hasbean is that they name the exact origin so it would be easier to see where another supplier has the same coffee from the same estate. About to brew a Gesha from Hasbean now (their roast; I have some greens but want to see what I should be aiming at before getting near thinking about a profile).


HasBean is a good shout. Can’t think of any other roaster that provides as much detail about the beans as they do. Good quality, so pricey. I’ve had a couple of 250g bags before but I think they do bigger quantities 1 or 2 kg?
Recently I’ve been using Rave for reasonably priced 500g bags.


They do 2kg bags.
Have used Rave too, but don’t think the quality is the same. Or the range, although they have more from Asia.
Happy to buy from Rave too.
Or actually any UK supplier.
Could even go cheaper and buy from Pennine in bulk and someone could split and post.


+1 for Hasbean - fantastic coffee, fantastic service and I really like the extensive information you get on each origin. The owner has this adage that “good people make good coffee” so many of his lines fit well with my preferred ethical stances too.


Whew rave shipping is way out of my range. Has bean won’t work for me here in the US either. But as Pavel said, that doesn’t necessarily preclude the possibility of getting the same bean - after all the same beans can end up in many places!


I know that Steve (from Hasbean) has a high opinion of Sweet Marias (I think he visited them recently?) and I think that there must be a chance that they will have some of the same coffees. Both seem to have quite high turnover though, so we might need to get in quick if we find one in common.


I think hasbean is more for uk or eu residents … but as mentioned, there should be a supplier close to you that might have beans from the same source.


Hasbean and Sweet Marias both have a Kenya Nyeri Kieni. Not exactly the same (SM is Sl-28 & SL-34) & Hasbean is SL-28, and SM is AB and Hasbean is AA.
Similar enough?


Love the tasting notes on the HasBean Kenya Kieni AA. Tropical fruit and caramel.
Gets my vote!


Here are two profiles based on IKAWA roasts that I have been using for beans that I source from Sweet Maria’s. I hope you can follow these links to the actual roast profile, but this is the first time I have tried this. I read some discussion about how to share profiles but have not worked it out yet. I don’t like emailing from my phone. If there are better ways to share profiles (one of the reasons I bought the IKAWA in the first place), please share them.

“SM Ethiopia Yirg Dumerso 1?” is Sweet Maria’s Ethiopia Gr. i Dry Process Yirg. Dumerso. It is rich with nice, citrus.

“SM Guatemala XFdP 1” is for Sweet Maria’s Guatemala Xinabajul Floridel de Pena. Very nice citrus and wine flavors, but not with much body, though this improves 3 days after roast.


As I feared, I don’t think you an see the roast profiles I posted using the urls.
I appreciate the images of profiles that Pavel uploaded, but I want to be able to share the data with IKAWA users. I would like to be able to upload one of your roast profiles directly to my phone. Is this possible? Or do we have to try and replicate a profile manually from an image?


When we click the link on a phone with the app installed then it automatically opens the app and shows the profile which can then be saved.


Great! If you have access to Sweet Maria’s beans and want to try those profiles, let me know what you think.


Alas no, I don’t have access to Sweet Maria’s without expensive postage cost to UK.
Might try your Dumerso roast on the Ikawa Yirg.


I have about 10 lbs of the same Dumerso! Like the look of your profile, I’ll definitely try it out! I’ve had some decent results with a slightly raised and extended shakiso and the ikawa espresso 1 profile (for espresso). Also had some interesting results with pretty fast roasts for filter, though that was a few weeks ago and I haven’t done much for filter since.


Stephen and Jboutte, my SM (Sweet Maria’s) Dumerso is based on the IKAWA Kochere Debo. I just took the heat up a bit at points 3 and 4 (all the IKAWA home roast profiles have 5 adjustable points for the heat except the Sitio Bela Vista). I tried about 8 different profiles and this one was the best to my taste.