Let's buy the same coffee!


Yeeessssssssssssssss! Love it! Been looking for a good pour over roast and this is on point! Sweet Maria’s advice of raising the temp right before first crack for naturals seemed to play out perfectly in this profile. Delicious with only one day of rest! Thanks!


I’m gratified! Thank you jboutte. Again, my amateur attempts start with IKAWA’s excellent roasts, then I try small adjustments to tweak the roast to my taste. IKAWA ships their home machine with fantastic roast profiles! If you like the Dumerso now, you will love it tomorrow. I am surprised at how much resting time (to a point) helps the roast settle. Shows that the beans keep living even post-roast, like all organic things.


Hey guys, great to hear you’re thinking of eliminating a variable in discussion. I would be curious to know if everyone had tried IKAWA greens? If there was a consensus on a favourite too. Going forward it could be useful to get some insights for our next coffee releases from the community here. We are aiming to have ongoing releases with the related Roast Recipe and as our user base grows we can offer more and more coffee.


Well - I did try them all, thats for sure. :slight_smile:
What we are trying to come to, at least as I understand it, is a non expensive bean that we might have in larger quantity say - 5-10kg, and wont be too stressed of failed batches, yet with enough potential/latitude of the outcomes (so it may come both as bright and fruity, acidic, and as sweet and maybe deeper tastes when dark roasted …). Not sure how much possible this is … because all the beans I find interesting are also rather expensive. But what I remember from a few years of my daily presence to the local roaster, there sometimes happen to be some beans that are really a lot interesting even though not expensive at all. I remember some Nikaraquas, Salvadors, Hondurases etc … So … Might be possible :smiley:


Tried them all, hard to pick favorites tho. The Brazil was probably my least favorite. I agree with Pavel that it would be nice to get larger quantities of a cheaper bean. I’m mainly concerned about cost of shipping to the US. I’m also interested in learning to roast new beans like Sumatran or island beans like Hawaiian or Jamaican or maybe Gesha. Obviously some of those would be very expensive, so…ya know…maybe at some point.


Add me to the Sumatran queue … Those can be very very interesting ones!


I’m having trouble deciding which of the African coffees are my favorite. I’ve had stunning brews from all of them.

I’d like to see more examples of high quality African coffee perhaps from lesser known countries.
I’d like an African SL28/34 or from Central America.
I’d like to see some diversity into Central America. Costa Rica gesha? Pacamara. Different processes e.g. Honey processes, naturals

I liked the Guat. Columbian was ok. Brazil at the bottom for me.


Really liked the result of your Dumerso on the Ikawa Yirg. I stopped it short but I’m not sure how much by due to Bluetooth problems during the roast.


Hey cooley! I found another roast profile that I think you might like on the Dumerso. I like it as much as yours! It takes a few days to develop though. At first it just smelled like toasted grain, then on day two all this sweetness came through, and then day three lots of fruits and a tropical thing like they mention in the notes. I roast in a slightly cold room FYI, like 55 degrees, but warm the roaster at least a little. I’ve noticed that moving the last two points up or down even 2 degrees can affect those specific notes. Five degrees can practically eliminate them. So if you don’t get what I got, or want to tweak it, you might start by moving those.



If you have any of Sweet Maria’s Panama Volcan Baru Bambito, here is a roast that works great for espresso. Let me know what you think.



Thanks Jboutte88. I am out of Dumerso, but if I get my hands on more, I will give it a try.


Just tried this on a Guatemalan as well as some other roast for comparison. I’ll post a tasting comparison in a week or so, when all the coffee has rested.