Live editing, please!


I would love this feature so much. I feel like it would make a huge difference and save me a bunch of coffee.


I would also extremely like this feature. I have notice that when talking with other coffee enthusiasts/hobbiests that this is a critical feature missing.


I would not say critical, but sure it would be nice to have. I thougt it would be much more of a problem for me before I started roasting with IH, but I found out that the most important “live” feature - ending the roast when I want it - is available for me. So … yeah … would be great to be able to change the curve live, I will be happy if it was possible, but I dont really waste coffee because of it.


Well I have to disagree, I’d say given all the machines on the market at similar price points do allow more control in this user/prosumer market. Defining what makes the difference amongst the machines should align with the company’s view.

And for those who enjoy discovering and creating new curves, the more control the better…Especially since I am at the point where I can make a profile that is very satisfying or sometimes astronomical in it’s flavor, and then a couple days or weeks later roasting with the same profile is almost a dud in the very least disappointing. Leading me to believe that it is not me having a stroke when I smell toast but the fact that I did not push enough energy or (insert adjective) long or short enough and thus stalled somewhere along the roast.

But yes to be frank, I have wasted a lot of coffee. And I am sure that giving me more control will not decrease but may infact increase the amount of waste. However, in the aspect of learning to roast, and taking my hobby further, not discovering what flavors and aromas are covered up by a poor profile leads me to believe that I wasting almost every cup because I am not able to completely air out a coffee. Just because I bought an 83pt coffee doesnt mean that is infact 83pts, could be lower…could be higher.

If we can look at another aspect in the coffee industry…brewing. Precision and control are the key fundamental aspects in the Prosumer marketplace.
Why is it now after being marketed as have “precise control” am I resorted to begging for another point on a graph… or actual complete control of a roast? When I funded this project, I was under the impression that this machine would compete in the same Prosumer marketplace as all the other “home” roasting machines. I mean who is the kind of person who decides to buy a coffee roaster just to treat it like a Kuering…don’t get me wrong fantastic machine…etc etc, but not for the kind of person who thinks “hey, I would like to roast my own coffee at home.” And if there is someone who thinks that I also ask the question. Would you put diesel in your Ferrari too?

I believe upgrading equipment should be optional. Do I need to pay for the pro app… The real question for me is “What do I need to do?” in order to get more control during my roasting. Do I need to buy another machine? 10months after receiving this I have a lingering feeling that I am outgrowing my jacket. Though I think @Geoff_IKAWA @Ikawa1 that this home machine has succeeded as being used as great learning tool for a new roaster/hobbiest.


@deven.patel411 yeaah - sure, I am in with all my limbs for removal of those point count and time limits. It can even be festure to unlock with payed upgrade, if the price was reasonable I would buy it instantly. So i say a big YES to that one. Its only the Live editing of the curve that I dont think would bring much for me. I know I could potentially save one or two roasts if I had this option, but maybe not … and maybe just maybe I could build a profile as the coffee roasts, skipping some steps. But given the batch size, I dont think its much of a difference. And I expect it might bring some potential problems too. So … Yes to removing the limits on points and time, or puting them higher, and I Dont Care Much to live editing from me :wink: