Loading the greens



I find that the aeropress funnel is the ideal tool to load the roaster. The aperture is identical. Weigh the greens on the Ikawa tray and then pour in through the aeropress funnel. Easy!


The IKAWA tray is flexible I just pour the beans into the hopper from the tray np.


I use small cups, that are just the right fit for 50g. So I prepare preweight as many as I plan to roast, and then just pour them in, the tray, though flexible, seemed clumsy to me when I tried.
But nice idea with that aeropres funnel. Aeropress is so versatile :))


Cool, I hadn’t thought of that! Like @deven.patel411, I use the trays but great to know the aeropress funnel works too


I’ve also been using an Aeropress funnel - note that it fits on rather than in the doser.