Long roast time vs. short roast time?


I used to do roasts around 7m30s,
but I was always under the impression that my roasts had unclean & muddy aftertaste.
Sometimes roasted crop like flavors.

I recently tried out roasts that last 5m30s ish resulting same roast color,
(I roasted Ethiopian Aricha G1 naturals recently…)
and noticed it has much cleaner aftertaste, which made me start roasting again.
To do that, I had to ramp up the temperature in the beginning as fast as I can.

What was your experience in roasting long vs. short?
Did everybody noticed same thing? or maybe it depends on the beans?


This is what I ended up with the natural ethiopians. I first started with 5m30s, and it came out quite light, maybe nice for filter coffee, but since I mostly enjoy espresso, i made it 5:50 and ended up in medium light ish color which I usually like.


Really interesting.

My baseline roast profile is 9 min 30. I also tried a profile from Ruggero Baietta that was 12 minutes, that was really nice - although needed a slightly longer rest than usual.

I tend to make changes in 30 second increments at first, and then finesse from there, but I have occasionally hit an issue where I can’t get a good balance and find the flavours too dense and muddied.

I will run a test today reducing MAI by 3 mins and see what happens, and see how it compares with my normal process.

Thanks for sharing - always fun to try new approaches.


I am shocked that 9m~10m roasts can be also very good.
I saw on Youtube that April coffee did 11m roast. I’ll try 9m~11m roasts ending in similar roast degree and report the difference in flavors.


There is also just a chance that we like very different styles of espresso :slight_smile:


I think for the sake of clarity I should say that I’ve had clear roast flavors long and short. But the short ones had seemingly lots of a rush of flavors mid-palate. And the long roasts had one or two stronger notes like blueberries or passionfruit. And the funk or boozy notes i think are always missing a couple beans with bug bites or black spots when sorting.


For my washed Ethiopians My longest roast is 6 min. Most of them around 5:30. These roasts is clearer and more tranparent I think. 1st crack approx 1 minute duration. I have also found that all my profiles must decrease the heat after 1st crack, or they will taste flat.


Could you post a profile pic and tell us things like what temp your 1C is and the RoR of the decline?


I am very interested in your base profile.
I also roast around 5:40 with DT around 1m15s or so.
Can you share us your base profile?
Mine looks like this with 249c initial peak ending around 245c