Machine cycles do not complete


I have been roasting a much higher temperatures around 500f, the machines doesn’t finish cycle but blows all the beans out at around 5-7 min. Is this a problem with machine? If I keep roast temp below 500f this doesn’t seem to happen. thanks


You’ve simply roasted beans to a lighter weight so the fan pushes them out, decrease your fan and that should solve the issue. I have found that anything over 15% weightloss at 80% fan and things start flying.


I have the fan speed, the black line, at like 65% I don’t think it goes much lower.


Ok, you are are going to need an apron, some rope, three cloves of garlic, holy water, a cross and a bucket. Tie your roaster to all four bed posts and perform the exorcising rights on the roaster. If you’ve never performed an exorcism call a priest.

If that doesn’t work you’ll prob try turning your roaster off and on and deleting and reinstalling your app and perform the firmware update again and email Ikawa. I would venture a guess that your are roasting too long at too high a temp and the roasting goes into a safety cool down mode.