Mimicking the Pro


@rsegers I recently bought the Ikawa Home (‘IH’) and like you, I mostly drink espresso. I have some home roasting experience through my Gene Cafe, though not a huge amount.

I have really valued your posts and wondered if you’ve now settled on a a few really good espresso roast profiles which you’d be happy to share. I like a lighter espresso roast than the two profiles I found in the IH blog recently. I tend also to have a milky coffee (a flat white) to start the day.

Would love to hear your most recent thoughts and learnings.


Hi @Grahamgk to be honest, a large home project came up a few months ago that roughly consumed ALL my time, resulting in the roaster being shelved for the last few months. I did coincidentilly roast some beans last week, just before I went on holiday as I didn’t want to open one kg of pre roasted beans I just bought. I used a rather standard profile for that one as I in the end havent’found the time to properly experiment. That one I can share. I do have a lot of other profiles but its been too long for me to properly remember whats what

‘brazil dark’ freshly roasted by @ikawacoffee, here’s the recipe #IKAWAHOME - https://share.ikawa.support/profile_home/?CAESEEwSHzEthUyQm+kJisqgVGQaC2JyYXppbCBkYXJrIgUIABD0AyIGCNUDEIAQIgYIigcQxxEiBgitDBCKEiIGCKMUEK0SIgYIwzYQqxIqBQgAEMcBKgYIwzYQmQEwAToGCNY/EK8B


Not a problem at all @rsegers. Thanks for sharing what you are able to. Appreciate it!


ah forgot to mention: the profile is set such that it runs longer than preferred. I usually look and smell the beans and when they’re ‘done’ I hit the on/off button initiating the cooling routine. You can run the entire profile as well which leads to relatively far into the medium roast (close to dark).