Mocha blend anyone?


I have since a long time wanted to make a good


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“Mocha” blend. I have found recipes on “Sweet Marias”.
I have just got a green “Indonesian Sulawesi Tana Toraja” Bio. Also “Jemen Mokka Matari”. I wanted to blend them with 75%Tana Toraja and 25% Mokka Matari. I roasted htem separately. I used this profile:

(How publish the diagram?)

It worked rather well with the Mokka Matari but I may try some of the Ethiopian profiles also.
The Tana Toraja was a rather hard bean and the fan speed was also a little too low (uneven roast) so I modified it to this one instead for this bean:

(How publish the diagram?)

I made the blend with 75% Tana Toraja and 25% Mocha Matari
It became rather complex with chocolate and passion fruit that also came through with milk. I brewed it as filter coffee.
Has anyone else roasted Mocha blends?