My light roast base profile (50 grams)


I wanted to share my light roast base profile (50 grams). I have had success with natural Ethiopian coffees with this profile, and I would love to see others try it out as well! Let me know if the link does not work.


Link works. Thanks. I roasted 2 batches Ethiopian Natural Ana Sora today and they look good. How long would you let them rest?


So happy to hear! As long as you wait 2 days, you should be good. Just gave a batch to a friend who then waited 2 days. Said it came out very good. Light and bright. Please let me know how it ends up tasting!!


Just few notes on my experience with the specific natural beans I roasted:

2 days still had quite af bit of residual roasting notes (baked bread), which is not unpleasant but not representative of this bean’s potential. I rarely find light roasted beans at the top earlier than 14 days from roast, and often much longer when commercially roasted.

8 days in, some of stewed/ripe fruit notes characteristic of this bean started to surface.
Yesterday (20+ days) when I drank the rest, the dry and wet aroma was very fruity - ripe and sweet in the nose, taste was not balanced however, there was dryness and a underdeveloped note and very thin mouthfeel.
I am guessing the very short roast time and the high heat may have left the beans a little underdeveloped in the center.
I am trying to create a light profile with a little longer development time and not quite as intense heat. If I like it, I will share (but it will take a while because, as I noted, I rarely expect light roasts to peak earlier than two weeks).
Anyway, your profile was interesting to try, thanks for sharing!


After sampling the beans 8 days and 2 weeks after roast, I think that I can recommend giving this one a try:

For the specific bean (Ana Sora Natural Ethiopian wild varietals from Guji), the natural fermented note was pleasantly preserved, notes of bruised ripe blueberry and lemon peel was clear and clean. The profile should take the beans 10-15sec through first crack before cooling.
It was clearly better after 2 weeks than 8 days - and may well improve with further rest.