My light roast base profile (50 grams)


I wanted to share my light roast base profile (50 grams). I have had success with natural Ethiopian coffees with this profile, and I would love to see others try it out as well! Let me know if the link does not work.


Link works. Thanks. I roasted 2 batches Ethiopian Natural Ana Sora today and they look good. How long would you let them rest?


So happy to hear! As long as you wait 2 days, you should be good. Just gave a batch to a friend who then waited 2 days. Said it came out very good. Light and bright. Please let me know how it ends up tasting!!


Just few notes on my experience with the specific natural beans I roasted:

2 days still had quite af bit of residual roasting notes (baked bread), which is not unpleasant but not representative of this bean’s potential. I rarely find light roasted beans at the top earlier than 14 days from roast, and often much longer when commercially roasted.

8 days in, some of stewed/ripe fruit notes characteristic of this bean started to surface.
Yesterday (20+ days) when I drank the rest, the dry and wet aroma was very fruity - ripe and sweet in the nose, taste was not balanced however, there was dryness and a underdeveloped note and very thin mouthfeel.
I am guessing the very short roast time and the high heat may have left the beans a little underdeveloped in the center.
I am trying to create a light profile with a little longer development time and not quite as intense heat. If I like it, I will share (but it will take a while because, as I noted, I rarely expect light roasts to peak earlier than two weeks).
Anyway, your profile was interesting to try, thanks for sharing!