New and Advanced user Tutorial?


I noticed a ‘badge’ notification in my profile, so decided to look at the badges, where the ‘new’ and ‘advanced’ user tutorials are mentioned. However I cannot find them anywhere. Where should I look ?


is it possible that due to the holidays, the above question slipped the attention? Its still an active question!


its not Ikawa HOme user tutorial, but a Hot air forum user tutorial. I am partially through it, I believe its the bot that tries to communicate with you and teaches you how to do some stuff. I am not sure how it was initiated but it the only bot here I think, and he should said something like Hello to you too :smiley:


haven’t seen any bot activity so far…


Look into your PM inbox, for a message Greetings


indeed! I have a PM box! didn’t know that, thnx


Yes, sorry @rsegers that did slip and thanks @pavel for answering :+1: