New espresso roast profiles


Why do the two new espresso roast profiles show a sharp drop in heat at about one minute? How does that differ in effect from a steady rise?


I’ve noticed that the spike gives nuts and darker like wood or chocolate notes. I do a quick rising arch which can preserve acidity, or develop (basted on temperature) the flavor of acidity into flavors (if that makes sense?).


That’s interesting. Thanks for the reply.


@Geoff_IKAWA explained the spikes you are talking about in this topic:


The curve begins at 50C. Does that mean you should load the green beans at that temp? Or would you start roasting with room-temp beans?


there is some debate on this. some people do a ‘dry run’ before they run the first roast to pre-heat the IKAWA and get more consistency. We’ve also been experimenting with dropping beans at a later stage (check the mimicking the pro thread), but the IKAWA is not meant to be used that way (even though you can).

What I would suggest is to do two roast after each other thus one starting in a cold machine and the 2nd after it has been used and see if you can taste any difference between the beans. Same for dropping them @50C or straight away, do both and taste them to see whether there’s any (noticeable) difference.

I don’t bother with this, but YMMV…


I have to get the machine first. I have been hesitating between a home and a pro machine, but I think I’ll go for the former. The latter would be excessive for my roasting needs, not to mention my pocketbook.