New Hand Grinder


I finally got a really good grinder, the comandante, and it has been immediately transformative! Way easier to know how to correct roasts when I’m getting way cleaner flavors! Also does a more consistent grind than most commercial grinders I’ve seen - from espresso to French press. Good hand grinders rock!


I LOVE a good hand grinder! my My first introduction was via Porlex, which was one of my very first pieces of kit. For portability and price, it seemed to be ideal. However the quality of ground uniformity & inability to fine tune grind size soon exposed the limitations of the budget grinder.

I upgraded to an Orphan Espresso Lido-e. OK so it’s the most portable piece of kit, but this thing is wonderfully engineered & with the right care should last years! The burr set coming courtesy of Etzinger, which I believe can be found in those rather expensive Baratza’s!

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Good grinders are as important as bean and water quality. Hand grinders are my favourite, especially at home where I can’t stand the obtrusive noise of a motordriven grinder in the morning.
I am particularly fond of my “Made by Knock” hand grinder.