New inlet profile for the Pro Roaster v3


Would the new inlet profiles for the Pro V3 work (with a little modification) on the Home roasters? They use inlet sensors, too, for their operating profiles.


whooaaaaa!!! I hope so!


@Geoff_IKAWA Are you able to decide which probe the heating element works off of?


According to the website, yes!!! Freaking revolutionary!


Anyone tried this? Tried the Gesha inlet profile adjusting the offset (increase temperatures a bit) and got baked results. Weight loss was low so tried extending by 20 seconds and got better weight loss but still baked. Both roasts smelled nice.


You should make the temp correction ( increase the ROR, not necessarily end temp). Start the increased 30s before you smell the baking to start. That said, what beans are you using, some info will help.


Yeah, I could increase the rate of rise toward the end. It spends quite a while coasting at its final inlet temperature on the pro inlet profile, but that apparently doesn’t work on the home model.

I’m using a washed Ethiopian coffee (Hambela Hassan from Sweet Maria’s), so decently different, but I’m not going to use gesha greens to prototype profiles :slight_smile:. In my experience, gesha beans are not as dense as Ethiopian washed ones, to make a sweeping generalization, so I suppose my beans could handle more aggressive heat application.

One major difference between the pro and home model is that the pro uses preheating and the home doesn’t. I’ve heard of people preheating the Home model in a hackish way by just adding a 30s-1min preheating phase at the start. I do wish Ikawa would allow us to do a preheat as on the pro - not sure if it’s not enabled because home users can’t be trusted in terms of safety or to differentiate the pro model. But realistically, trying to extrapolate from the Pro without adding a preheat phase is perhaps not the greatest idea.

If someone could share inlet and exhaust readings from a Pro over a series of roasts, we could attempt to extrapolate a bit more.


For washed Ethiopians:

I can see how having a fluid cross integration between the home and pro can be beneficial. Maybe for subscription based services or maybe if a roastery wanted to make a recipe book like restaurants do with cookbooks. I use a warmup profile, to get the “oven” hot but besides that I make my profiles with a ‘no preheat’ in mind.


Could you share your warmup profile? Thanks.


There isn’t any method to the madness for this profile. I just wanted something hot for a while. I figured with the cooling fan and everything a proper charge temps is just a profile that gets the roaster warm. I roast the next profile right after, I’ve noticed if I wait a while to start the next roast it’ll slow the next roast down.


Thanks very much. I’ll give it a go.