Niche Zero Grinder



Hey - does anyone have experience using this new Niche Zero grinder? I saw quite a few mentions of it here in the community and my curiosity is piqued!


I’ve ordered it a couple of months ago and im waiting for delivery due in june. I’ve seen a couple of thorough reviews (links can be found here on the forum) which were pretty convincing, but we’ll know when it actually get delivered.
My opinion: if you’re having a ikawa roaster you’ll pobably have different roast lying around. in that case you’'re better of with a single dose machine (with minimum retention) currently the ONLY way AFAIK is a hand grinder, the Niche is the first electric grinder that can do the same…allegedly.


Cool! Looking forward to your review :slight_smile:


I have one on order as well. Will also share my experience when I get it


I will be getting one too :wink:


I’ve just been informed my Niche grinder has been shipped! Recently received my Decent Espresso DE1 PRO so with the Ikawa I’ve had a major upgrade in the last 12 months. Cannot wait to play with all 3 bits of kit at the same time.


Great setup - please share once you get some insight how the Niche and DE work together :slight_smile:


Will do but it may take a while!


Pulled my first shot from the Niche Zero using my Rossa (manual espresso machine). Shot is a bit overextracted as the grind was TOO fine. A little bit of adjustment and it should be pulling great shots.

The fact that the Niche can grind too fine is a good sign IMHO — as opposed to my (more expensive) Baratza Sette 270W which was/is an exercise in frustration as simply does not grind fine enough for espresso shots using the Rossa…

From rubbing the Niche Zero grinds between my fingers the grind appears to be very even with a very small amount of fines = this promises well for the quality of the burrs. Yep I know not a very scientific test but from my experience this appears to be better than many/most other grinders I have seen (I guess I need to break out the Kruve sieves soon to check more thoroughly).

I tried to attach a picture but it just does not want to work on the ipad — so sorry about that… Had to create an iCloud link I hope it works


I’ve also upgraded to the Niche Zero from a Baratza (in my case Encore+Estatto). The consistency of grind is very noticeable on an Aeropress ‘puck’ where the Baratza would settle according to grind size. There’s still a bit of variability with the Niche but it’s minimal.

In terms of the zero retention claim, what comes out is - to within the levels of tolerance of my equipment - the same as what goes in. Here’s breakfast this morning:

I’m still developing my sense of size, so there’s still a lot of trial and error going on to find the point on the grind scale for each of my brewing methods.


I have the Niche Grinder, it’s really good. Makes great espresso alongside the Decent DE1XL, the grounds retention is basically zero — Highly recommended :+1:


Hi, those two looks aesthetically like a very good match up. I am the owner of 83mm conical hand grinder and I have tough time pulling all aromas from IKAWA’s light-lighter roasts (which IKAWA is made for), with darker roasts I have no problem at all but then darker roasts don’t match with IKAWA. Wouldn’t it be better if you paired your Decent DE1 with flat SSP burrs?



Yeah I have heard that before, I’ll have to save some more pennies before I can upgrade (only just purchased the IKAWA) :wink:


There are other alternatives. I have the Wilfa Uniform grinder that has 58mm flat burrs. Tim Wendelboe developed it for Wilfa in Norway. I’ve had it for a couple of months and it works very well at least for filter coffee as I’ve only had that possibility. It should also work well for French Press for example. It could also work well for espresso as it can grind very fine but it’s not so fast for finer grinds. I think it has more retention than the Niche Zero. It costs about the half compared to the NZ.
I have also ordered and got a Niche Zero. My intention is to use it to my new espresso machine that will arrive maybe next week. My intention is to use the NZ for espresso and the Uniform for more coarse grinding as I have dialled it for that. I will dial the NZ for espresso. These two grinders don’t use more space than an ordinary “big” grinder of high quality. Both have high quality burrs. I do very much like the single dose workflow of both.