Panama Bouquete Elida Est Catuai Natural


Hello all,
I have roasted my Elida with the IKAWA “Finca Puerta Verde” profile.
FC 6”05 (FC finsih around 6’40-50)
Finsih 6’50
After tasting, I feel like a bit grassy underdevelopment.
I would like to adjust the profile , could anyone give me some suggestions.
Or any recommend profile are all welcome.


Hello, well what I usually do is extend the profile moving the last point further than I think I would want to try to ho, and thrn stop manually from sensory cues … if you dont want to go that way, I would suggest manipulating some point/poits inside the curve to up the temperature a bit. That way you keep the length but add some more heat.


Did you mark when was 1st crack. If you let that profile run all the way through I’m not sure you would get the “flavor” you want. Try this profile, look at how dark the beans get in relation to the time from first crack that you drop them. I would suggest altering a profile based on how it tastes both as a roasted bean(20 min after roast and in the cupping).


just try a few version with adjustments, will cup tomorrow , thanks for the advise.


Is only 3 cracks… I guess the temperature is not high enough with profile. Anyway will cup tomorrow. Thanks for the advise.


I’m not sure I’ve gotten the best results going through and hearing “full cracks” with this roaster. So far I have developed as far as 10s past hearing the 1st crack and don’t really go past 50s after hearing 1st crack. Some of us like different things like going all the way through the profile a minute past 1Cs have ended, test out and find what you like.


i didn’t got the “active” FC, I have the same problem before with the similar IKAWA Colombia.
I planed to tune the last three points 5 degree up to increase the heat, what do u think ? 5 too much or ok?
However ,the cupping result is not bad with your profile :blush::blush:


I thought I wrote that the profile I listed I got from here by the username Cooley, so it’s not mine. Moving the points depends on what you are tasting, and what you like to taste. Raising the points by 5*F I think will help with getting more cracks. BTW “FC” is usually refereed to Full City (roast degree). Not to be picky and I understand we are a multicultural community but for clarity we shouldn’t get these things mixed up, not to worry. Maybe leave the third point alone if you are not getting any roast flavors you don’t like.


Thanks for the advise, will try it tonight :blush: